Cowboy in Her Courtroom

by Kathy Zebert

Callie Fletcher just wanted to sit on the terrace of her favorite hot spot and watch the sunset over the Texas Hill Country. A table for one, a glass of pinot and the best view in Austin. When Dominic Jaxson, a gorgeous, wealthy cowboy, charms her into sharing the view, the sunset gets even more magical. Months of sunsets later, their affection blooms into love, with dreams of a future together. Never does Callie imagine that this caring and tender man might hide a secret or that he might be a criminal. But then he walks through the doors of her courtroom, charged with murder. As a court reporter, Callie knows her way around the legal system, and she’s certain Dominic isn’t guilty. But can she uncover the clues to prove his innocence, or have she and her handsome cowboy shared their last Texas sunset?

Phoenix Team One: Selected

by Claire Luana

Zariya Chanji is convinced her father was murdered. She’ll stop at nothing to uncover the truth—even if she has to break into the headquarters of the Mythical Alliance of Supernatural Creatures, one of the most powerful organizations in the world. When her investigation draws the unwanted attention of a MASC vampire who is as handsome as he is powerful, Zariya knows she’s close to the truth. But the deeper she gets, the more dangers lurk in the shadows, and the harder it becomes to tell friend from foe. The truth will change everything—if Zariya can stay alive long enough to find it.

Fire and Sword

by Dylan Doose

A broken nation in need of a savior—ravaged by plague, decimated by dark magic, infiltrated by a foreign evil seeking to dominate from within. Three will rise to save the beleaguered land. But will they be enough? Condemned to hang for their crimes, they’ll march instead to perish as heroes or live as free men.

Dark fantasy adventure for fans of Joe Abercrombie, Mark Lawrence, and Scott Lynch!

Three men condemned to die: Aldous Weaver is a heretic monk turned sorcerer, imprisoned for accidentally incinerating the leader of his order. Kendrick the Cold, an infamous crusader turned fugitive, is a villain who knows he can never be a hero. Theron Ward, an aristocrat with a penchant for slaughtering monsters, is a legend in his own mind.

When the kingdom of Brynth is threatened by a far greater evil, the unlikely trio must make a choice — seek to escape this land that cries for their execution or find the true heroes within themselves. And then, armed with fire and sword, march together against the forces of darkness. But can three such disparate warriors ever prevail?

Dark Desires

by Eve Silver

As a murderer stalks the streets of London’s East End, Darcie Finch accepts a position that no one else dares as the assistant to Dr. Damien Cole, a dangerously attractive man with dark secrets, a man who may well be a remorseless killer. “A dark and delicious gothic.”—New York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller.

Borrowing Amor

by Kat Bellemore

Katie has been kicked out of her apartment. Again. Rather than wander the streets and continue to work for a dirty cop, she escapes, determined to disappear for good. Until her car breaks down in a small New Mexican town, and everything is threatened when she falls for the charming mayor.

Slater’s Tempest

by T.J. Jones

Hurricane Irma tore through the Florida keys in 2017, leaving a path of death and destruction. Isla Dunbar, desperate to save the sailboat that bore her mother’s name, tried to outrun the storm and was presumed lost at sea. But two years later, the necklace she always kept with her appears on her father’s doorstep. Could his daughter be alive or is it a cruel hoax? Slater and Maggie take on their most perplexing case yet, and try to grant a dying man’s last wish, to return his heir.

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My Sister’s Fear

by T.J. Jones

The investigations are heating up and so is the romance. Slater and Maggie turn full-time investigators to track down a missing girl and protect the aging veteran suspected of killing her.
Then the pair risk it all to save one of their own from a kidnapping. While they search, a murderer returns to Jacksonville, and Slater has to put his life on the line to save Maggie’s sister from the man that killed his best friend.

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My Sister’s Detective

by T.J. Jones

Eric Slater returns to Point Road from the Navy to learn that his childhood friend may have been murdered. His old flame wants him to investigate, and her younger sister wants to help. As their feelings turn romantic, they travel to Miami, and learn that their friend may have been involved in the dark world of human trafficking. Determined to learn the truth, they uncover a twisted trail of murder and deceit, a trail that eventually leads them back home and exposes the darkest secrets of Point Road.

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The Reluctant Coroner

by Paul Austin Ardoin

Blood is thicker than oil—until murder is involved. Fenway Stevenson doesn’t want to return to the coastal town where her estranged father is practically king. But the death of her mother draws her back home—and the murder of the county coroner draws her into a deepening conspiracy. As the body count rises and all signs seem to point toward her father’s oil company, will Fenway uncover the truth before family bonds become deadly?


by V.A. Dold

Four years ago, Richie met a group of Tulane freshmen when he saved one of them from a mugger.
Now the first of their menagerie is getting married.
Surprise of all surprises, Richie meets his mate, Piper, at the wedding in Missouri, of all places.
He didn’t expect her to be a bounty hunter or that her murderous prey had turned the tables and she was now the hunted.
Will Piper apprehend her bounty or will her bounty get to her first?
Can Richie save her from the death he foresaw in a premonition?
Injuries are mounting and time is running out.

An unhinged tycoon. A lodge of evil magicians. A plan to steal every child from the face of the earth.

Fr. Richard Kinney is having a crappy week. He’s not at all sure he’s the best leader for the demon-hunting Berkeley Blackfriars, his boyfriend has just broken up with him, and his last exorcism did not go well.

Kat Webber is in over her head. After discovering her brother’s comatose body in the midst of a demonic ritual, her heart sinks as she realizes he was up to something sketchy, maybe even evil.

Reaching out to the Blackfriars for help, Kat and Richard uncover a lodge of evil magickians who make every avocado in the world disappear”then every dog.

It’s a race against time as Kat and the Blackfriars try to stop the magickians from eliminating their next target-every child on earth.

The Taste of His Boss

by M. L. Patterson

Would you gamble with your marriage for a taste of forbidden fruit? Jessica might.

“It was steamy, hot, and kinky all at the same time. The only thing I don’t feel good about it is that I need more of this.”
– The Binge Reader, Instagram Book Reviewer

Ron climbed the corporate ladder for years and nearly reached his dream job until a young, savvy adonis snatched it from him. Austin captured the CEO’s attention, despite a lack of experience, and became Ron’s boss, but his threats on Ron’s territory haven’t stopped there.

Jessica, Ron’s vivacious wife, is bored in her marriage, and Ron’s charming supervisor looks like just the sort of trouble to spice up her life!

Will flirtation turn into a more dangerous game?

What will happen if the growing chemistry between Jessica and Austin explodes?

This is the first story in an erotic fictional series about temptation, cheating, heartbreak, and healing. Join me on this BDSM anthology adventure into adultery, cuckold sex, bondage, and dominance/submission switching for a married couple whose erotic flames had cooled.

The Shadow of a Dream

by Molly Lavenza

Have you ever learned a secret about yourself that could change your life forever?

When a mysterious and handsome boy showed up at my high school, all the girls wanted his attention. But who did he approach? Plain, less-than-ordinary me!

Words like changeling and dreamseer made my head spin as Declan, who claims to be my protector, tried to convince me that I’m actually a creature from the faerie realm, switched at birth with a human infant who is the true child of my parents.

Should I follow Declan’s lead to discover the truth? How can I not?

Kindle Countdown Deal.

The Eclipse Dancer

by Laura Koerber

Honorable Mention 2018 Reader Views Literary Awards
After decades of absence, Andy returns to her childhood home, to the place were she first fell in love, first saw fairies, and first experienced tragedy. “The storyline is simple in that it is easy to follow, yet intricate as layers unwind with a seamless, melodic flow. And, while the author excels at getting inside the heart and soul of her readers, the connection garnered by what remains unsaid is remarkable. The writing is descriptive and artistic, without being flowery or overdone, and leaving just enough room to incorporate snippets of one’s own imagination. Some things are just not taught and Koerber’s writing is one of those things–she has a gift. ” Reader Views

Anonymous To The Rescue

by Samuel Russell

A ruthless sheriff is terrifying a small Kansas town where justice has been buried with his victims. Until Anonymous arrives to the scene – a punisher whose past is a secret and whose future is written in blood.

Any newlyweds that cross Sheriff Liam Gerrard’s path are dead and gone without a trace. One of them, is a recently married couple who relocated to Lawrence, Kansas and have innocently become best friend’s with a monster whose cover has been blown. Anonymous can see part of the future in his visions and is afraid of the worst that could happen to this couple if he doesn’t act swiftly. He is on a mission to teach this psychopath a lesson he will never forget. But who will be the predator and the prey is yet to be determined, will Anonymous be able to accomplish his mission?

New Release!

Always on His Mind

by Barbara Lohr

Mercedes comes home to Gull Harbor bankrupt and broken. She’s the homecoming queen a guy nicknamed Goofy could never have. Times have changed and so has Finn. He owns half the town and he’s still into his uptown girl with her uppity ways. While Mercedes mucks out summer cottages, Finn wangles his way into her heart. Is it too late for her to believe in the power of homespun love?

The Endgame

by Cleary James

In need of money to escape her obsessive boyfriend, Lisa makes an offer to wealthy Grayson: for seven days he can do anything he wants with her. But when their sensual encounters lead to a deeper emotional bond, will Lisa choose freedom or one last chance at true love?


by Sydney Landon

My name is Lucian Quinn and I own one of the most successful software companies in the world. I’m twenty-nine, rich and single. Impressive right? I’m also a favorite target for every hungry socialite looking to land the uncatchable catch. Maybe it sounds vain, but the fact that I’m a God between the sheets doesn’t hurt my stock any. What these women don’t know though is that I’m completely screwed up and damaged beyond repair by my past. The only part of me I’ll ever willingly give them is the hour it takes to make them scream…several times.

Then I saw her…

I’m Lia Adams and I’m in my last year at St. Claire’s University in North Carolina. I grew up with an abusive mother, and a twisted stepfather who was worse…so much worse. I’m so close to escaping from my past and making my dreams come true. I’ll do anything necessary to survive, even work as an escort to help pay for my college expenses. The men that I accompany to various events as an escort for Date Night are mostly harmless and just want an attractive woman on their arm for an evening. It has never gone further than that…until him…

Circumstances bring two people that should have never crossed paths together and in the days and weeks ahead, they grow close quickly, each seeing a kindred soul in the other. As ghosts from their past rise to haunt them, they cling to each other as their lives start to spiral out of control. Soon, they realize that they’re both damaged possibly beyond repair. Will their love be what saves or destroys them?

Packed inside a warehouse in Forks, Washington, were once over 120 dogs. Some of the dogs were kept in crates piled high on shelves, arranged in rows along the walls, and shoved into corners behind heaps of garbage and urine-saturated straw. Some of the dogs were confined to wire-sided or glassed-in kennels. One was kept in an old horse trailer. Dead ones were stored in a cooler. In one of the crates was a black dog named Daisy. This is her story. It is also the story of the rescue of one hundred and twenty-four dogs—and one snake—from the Olympic Animal Sanctuary, the only large-scale dog rescue in the U.S. to be carried out with no support from local government. The OAS rescue was an epic narrative that extended over several years and featured small town politics, protests, assault, lawsuits, arrests, and a midnight escape, all played out to a nationwide audience.

When Al and Sunny Lockwood register for a 12-day Mediterranean cruise, little do they
know that their trip will morph into 42 days of fascinating discoveries, quaint hotels, colorful characters, glittering memories and delicious fun. This 3-volume box set covers their amazing journey in dazzling detail.

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