Foreign Involvement

by Robert Smith

Chuck Winters, recently retired San Francisco homicide detective struck it rich by developing a U.S. criminal database earning him over $100 million after taxes. Within weeks his venture capital mentor called on him to investigate a missing CEO that disappeared days before a scheduled public stock offering. The worldwide chase for a killer starts.
The hijacking came out of nowhere. It was swift and merciless. Then the real terror began. Can Mike Elliot save his family this time?

17th century high seas adventure sails the gauntlet of the Barbary coast in this seagoing thriller. 1671. Destiny is forced on René Gilbert when he awakens aboard the slave ship Albion. Tomorrow balances on the blade of a rapier. A three-thousand-year-old hatred searches for René. Facing Dutch privateers, Barbary pirates, and the ocean’s fury, René fights his way to an inevitable confrontation with an unknown enemy who, if unchecked, will recreate a world of slaves drenched in blood. Board now.

Two boys torn from their homes join a group of hobos and learn the life, learn the lingo and learn to track down two homicidal maniacs in the hobo kingdom.
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