by R. L. Blalock

An infection is spreading. People are dying, but they don’t stay dead. In the midst of rioting, a dangerous new disease has sprung up pushing an already dire situation over the edge. And Olivia Bennet is caught right in the middle of it. Fight or die. What other choice does she have?

Chaos Company

by Christopher Slayton

A team of super-powered soldiers code-named “Chaos Company” are tasked with hunting down a dangerous mercenary named Liam King, who is hired to assassinate President Jennifer Grey. During their hunt the team will find themselves in the cross-hairs of a private military company and have their abilities pushed to their limits. Before Chaos Company finally comes to blows with Liam they will discover that their greatest threat is a leader within their own country.

The Darkest Days

by R. L. Blalock

To protect and serve.

The motto that every officer is taught from their first day in the academy. On a humid June day in St. Louis, it is a motto that could get Officer Wyatt Ward killed.

Desperate citizens flock to the station as the officers of the Cottleville Police Department struggle to handle the chaos that is enveloping a city already shaken by rioting. But as darkness descends something much worse is rising.

The deranged. Brutal, unforgiving, single-minded monsters that were once the citizens Wyatt was sworn to protect. Now, they attack. They bite. They infect.

As fear takes hold…
As the city begins to eat itself…
As the world crumbles…
What is a man who is sworn to protect to do as the world dies?

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