5-Times Award-Winning teen Fantasy, with 82 Illustrations
The lucent land of the Echoes is haunted by hate. How see-through your skin is determines whether you live or die. Until two 13 year old boys–an Echo and his Sound–unravel a 250 year-old riddle and change Echoland forever.

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Jake, Lucid Dreamer

by David J. Naiman

What happens when a 12-year-old boy suppressing heartbreak over the loss of his mother escapes into his dreams only to confront his deepest fear? Emotions have a way of haunting Jake’s dreams and bubbling to the surface when he least expects it. When he learns how to take control in his dreams, he become a lucid dreamer, and that’s when the battle really heats up. Jake, Lucid Dreamer is called “a fantastical tale with a powerful message” by SPR and described as a “poignant coming-of-age novel (that) offers a sensitive and honest examination of a child’s spiritual and emotional battles” by The BookLife Prize. Reader’s Favorite praises the author as “a master at his craft of writing.” Join Jake in this magical yet honest exploration of emotional healing after a devastating loss.

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The Stolen Kingdom

by Ross Rosenfeld

A fantastic fantasy novel for all ages! You’ll ride with Taylor James and Robert of Roth as they attempt to defeat the evil Dark Duke. Along the way, you’ll have to survive the dangers of Cheshire Woods, battle brutes and monsters, and overcome incredible odds. This unique book will make you laugh and keep you on the edge of your seat. You’ll never have more fun reading. If you like stories such as “The Princess Bride,” King Arthur, or Lord of the Rings, you’ll thoroughly enjoy this engaging tale. Recommended reading level: 5th grade and up. Great for teens!
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