Magic Moon is a cool, quirky, gigantic, somewhat terrifying, alien “moon-like” being who likes puns and jokes when he’s not accidentally causing small earthquakes. He may grant two special requests with his magical powers, if you are brave enough to face him! Join a young boy on his remarkable journey as he climbs the mountain to make his request of Magic Moon and discovers true happiness through unselfishness. Critic’s Pick, Kirkus Reviews, Sept. 2019. First Place Winner – The Purple Dragonfly Book Awards – Charity/Making a Difference 2017, Finalist – The Wishing Shelf Book Awards – 2017.

The Blue Tower

by J.B. Simmons

Five towers. Five colors. One way out.

Cipher wakes up in the Blue Tower with no memories of his former life. He discovers that he is not alone. Dozens of boys and girls must compete in a battle called the Scouring against four other towers–Red, Green, Yellow, and Black–each with its own rules and powers.

In his first Scouring, Cipher captures Emma, a girl from Yellow, whose memories from Victorian England move Cipher to uncover his own past. He must learn who he was before he can figure out why he’s here…and how to get out.

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