Kingdom of the Silver Cat

by Thomas Carroll

Kingdom of the Silver Cat is a story of friendship, adversity, risk-taking and trust, which Kirkus Reviews calls a “sparkling fantasy for tweens in which great wish fulfillment entails great responsibility.”

When a school bus full of children drives through a mysterious blue light in the road, the bus is transported to an empty field in a strange land. The bus driver leaves to find help but doesn’t come back, and the children must fend for themselves. They soon discover they each have a magical power, but with each power comes a weakness.

The children set out to find their way home. Along the way, they encounter strange and wondrous creatures, including playful clouds, thundering fireballs, warrior fairies, and giant wolves. They also face inner conflicts from the weaknesses that accompany their magical power and personal hardships they’ve endured.

When terrifying winged beasts begin hunting them, the children must flee for their lives. They become separated, some heading south to the kingdom of a renowned silver cat who may protect them, while others head north toward the castle of a ruler who seeks to use their powers for his own ends. The children find help in unexpected places and endure hardships and dangers as they journey through this mysterious land to find a way home.

Submarine Jim

by J. S. Lome

The Shark they Hunted had a Map inside . . .

Miles the Mutineer is trying to stay out of trouble and when a gang of convicts track a shark to his door, he can’t help shying away . . . until the shark proves to be hiding a map to the largest treasure in the South Seas. Taking a bag of sea-darts and a shark-whistle, Miles joins an old pirate buddy in the hunt for treasure through a network of shipwrecks, where the key to survival may be joining their enemies. But will joining the shark-hunters mean encountering greater dangers than cut-throat convicts? Will it mean fighting the giant sea beast that guards the treasure?

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