Supernatural hero

by Eran Gadot

Don’t try to be someone else, be yourself!
Reading this book will make you see that being yourself is the only way
for success, all you need is to believe.

Andy is the nerd everyone makes fun of. He’s really skinny, wears glasses and talks to himself, but he falls in love with the prettiest girl in the class. One day Grandpa dies and turns into a ghost. Then, Andy discovers a new power, he can see ghosts and talk to the dead.
Join Andy’s journey and find out how a nerd can become a hero.
Supernatural hero is a great children’s book with an outstanding story, for the whole family to enjoy. This book series will stay with you forever.

Magical Eyes: Dawn of the Sand

by Jessica D'Agostini

Magical Eyes: Dawn of the Sand is a thrilling adventure that not only entertains young readers with action, magic, and a dose of danger, but also adds a lovely spin of wonderful life lessons about family values, courage, and social justice that will leave readers of any age with a spark in their hearts to reflect upon.

In a world where magic is feared, Princess Martina must conceal her magical talents—especially when her spiteful brother acts like a complete stranger. But when tragedy strikes the royal palace, Martina’s careful world is torn to pieces. If only brother and sister can work together, the collapsing kingdom might be saved from war and famine, vicious ralthors, and a tyrant king.

“This book ranks right up there with the beloved Disney movies that I grew up with and loved.”
– Suzie Housley, Barnes & Noble reviewer

“Excellent story-telling, vivid characters, and a terrific side-kick. Another epic story from a great writer.”
– D King, Amazon reviewer

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