Legion of Mono

by C. D. Tavenor

Mono faces down the Holy Empire as it drives relentlessly toward the borders of his people. Yet even in the face of daunting odds, he holds onto their religious prophecies. Will hope reign supreme, or will Mono and his Legion succumb to their enemies?


by R. J. Price

Aren has a secret, one she has kept hidden from her family, one which is the reason she begged and pleaded to be finished at court like so many other young ladies. Her parents agree to send her, so long as when she returns she accepts her father’s choice of a man.

She agrees, but she’s never going back.

Residing in court is dangerous. Ranks—those of exceptional ability and use—gather at the court to put their talents to use for the betterment of all people, and are constantly on the lookout for those who might harbour secrets. If Aren is discovered, it would surely mean the end of her, but if she can make it through, find the perfect time to escape, she would finally be free.

Av is one such rank, a warrior with decades of experience, who is fed up with the reign of his brother’s mate. The woman holds control over a powerful and ancient magic, making her the ruler of the land.

All Aren had to do was stay out of Av’s way, to go unnoticed by the man.

And all Av has ever wanted was a woman determined to make her way in the world despite all odds.

Cursed Lands is a limited edition boxed set featuring over 20+ full length paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and dystopian tales by bestselling authors!

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Emperor of Mu

by Jason Beveridge

An emperor falls…and the old races stir.

He is the most powerful man in the Six Realms, yet is mysteriously killed by a hidden foe.

While Mu elects a successor, the hunt for those with forbidden dark elf blood threatens another Elvic War. To the north, rumours spread of dragons returning after a three hundred cycle absence. In the desert lands, the fearless Imanishi defend the empire from the night demons, while South of Mu, the sea invaders consolidate their rule.

This epic drama with its rivalry, romances, and battles between race and kind alike, keeps you guessing with its twists and turns. Set in the medieval world of Mu, where the powers of the mind and mind-magic set apart the extraordinary, this series explores the edges of man’s humanity.

If you like a fast-moving epic with mystery and intrigue set on a big stage, then pick up this page-turner today.

When second son Alexander Valentine loses his brother to an assassin’s arrow, he discovers that his family protects an ancient secret and reluctantly finds himself at the center of the final battle of a war that was supposed to have ended two thousand years ago.

Pursued by the dark minions of an ancient enemy, Alexander flees to the mountain city of Glen Morillian where he discovers that he is the heir to the throne of Ruatha, one of the Seven Isles, but before he can claim the throne he must recover the ancient Thinblade. Seven were forged by the first Sovereign of the Seven Isles and bound to the bloodline of each of the seven Island Kings in exchange for their loyalty to the Old Law. Each sword is as long as a man’s arm, as wide as a man’s thumb and so thin it can’t be seen when viewed from the edge. Thinblade is the epic fantasy adventure story of Alexander’s quest to find the ancient sword, claim the throne of Ruatha and raise an army to stand against the enemy that has awoken to claim dominion over all of the Seven Isles.

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