by Adrienne Woods

Sixteen-year-old Elena Watkins must learn how to tame a dragon and how to wield magic and weapons so that she can save the world of Paegeia.

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The Linguist

by C.F. Welburn

“How else to commune with the gods, save in their own tongue?”
A theory – that by discovering the origins of all language a channel to the divine could be opened – dominates the linguist’s life work, driving him to the point of obsession and sacrifice.
When a feral child is discovered in a nearby cave, he seizes the opportunity to further his research.
But just how far will he be willing to go to prove his theory?
And in the end, will the gods even listen?

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Cornered Magic

by Charissa Dufour

Sam, a half-fae Void, is ostracized by her own people, much less the humans who control her home—the Illinois Mystical Reservation. Packed into the Reservation with vampires, werewolves, faes, and mages alike, Sam does her best to travel below the radar, but when her only friend asks for her help she can’t say no. Her work to solve a fae’s murder brings her to the forefront of vampire politics, and changes her life forever.

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