Little Red meets the Wolf in the Lost Forest. She is as good as dead— however the Wolf strangely lets her go on with her peculiar journey. An errand to deliver pie through the dark woods that hold countless enigmatic secrets. But what if there is no grandmother to deliver her pie to? What if the Village has an ulterior motive for sending her into the Forest?

Take off on a journey with Red involving a knife, a painting, and some dandelion seeds, uncover mysteries that have been buried under decades of illusion and ignorance, and discover where the untold truth really lies.
Danger lies within the Lost Forest.
But perhaps a more sinister one lies beyond.

First narrative by the author Hannah Chong, this novelette delicately juggles the topics of fear, choice, and true courage, through a beautifully interwoven retelling of the classic fairy tale, with startling twists and turns that is sure to bring every reader gasps, tears, and genuine smiles of relief.

The World is Awakening!
Primeval powers. Druid sorcery. In the final battle for humanity, will four outcast shifters turn savior… or executioner?
Clint never fit in with the other orphans. And now that he’s living on his own, his recurrent blackouts and blood-soaked clothes make him wonder if he can stand to face the truth of his mysterious origins.

Kat always knew she was destined to fight. When ancient spells unleash warring Druid priestesses, she thought she’d be ready to take up the battle cry. But not even a lifetime of training could prepare her for the beast clawing its way out…

Blain delights in making his enemies bleed. So, when the London gangster discovers he can shift into a monster worthy of his darkest appetites, he won’t stop until he’s had his fill.

Before her strange new powers stirred, Shae’s world was shrouded in pain. But it will only be a matter of time before she’s strong enough to break her cruel captors’ bonds—along with every bone in their bodies.

As ancient omens of war spread throughout every corner of the world, the descendants of fearsome were-soldiers must choose sides. Will Clint, Kat, Blain, and Shae defend civilization or condemn it to oblivion?

The Awakening is the first book in the captivating Lycan War Saga series of dark fantasies. If you like ancient magic, powerful adversaries, and new twists on lycanthropy, then you’ll love Michael Timmins wholly original tale.

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