Stormfall is a dragon born with a coat the colour of a starry night. When a violent storm strikes his island aerie, he is carried on hurricane winds into the complicated and sometimes cruel world of men. There, his journey takes him from fisher dragon to farmer, pit-fighting dragon to warrior, each step leading him closer to a remarkable destiny. But war is coming to the land of Remus and with it, a crossroads for the Night Dragon and the young soul-boy he allows on his back. How far is Stormfall willing to go in a war that is not his own?

Some missions are doomed from the start. Lieutenant Jacob Baccus and his platoon are assigned to a Protective Services Detail to escort a group of scientists to the Iraqi National Museum at the beginning of the war. The mission goes sideways as it is extended to escort the scientists and their cargo to a secret base in Antarctica. Jacob soon finds out the world he thought he knew, is a cloak for a mystical and evil place.

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