Napoleon’s Rosebud

by Humphry Knipe

You are the high spirited 19-year-old daughter of a penniless widow, born and brought up on an isolated, windswept South Atlantic island, a girl with virtually no prospects, when out of the blue the most famous man on earth falls into your lap.
Still smarting from his defeat at Waterloo, still the hero of Liberals everywhere, Napoleon has been exiled to tiny Saint Helena because it is the remotest and most easily defended island in the British Empire. But far from being broken by defeat, Napoleon’s fertile imagination seethes with escape schemes. He meets you on his first evening on the island and instantly knows he has found what he is looking for: someone to set him free.


France, 799 A.D. The Northmen sacked the monastery at dawn, before anyone had awakened. They burned the village and slaughtered all who stood in their path. The relics of Saint Philbert were lost, and the island was abandoned by those who once dwelled there.

Years later, the monk Abriel – survivor of the same attack as a young boy – is sent to recover the relics to help restore the reputation and legitimacy of Saint Philbert. What he discovers on his journey changes his life forever.

Northmen had colonized the island in the absence of the monks. They hold the key to finding the relics, but they have greater plans for Abriel, plans that will take him to the North to find his destiny.

The Alice Network

by Kate Quinn

Funny, action-packed, and heartbreaking, THE ALICE NETWORK is a Reese Witherspoon pick for her online book club. The true story of a World War I ring of female spies entwines with the post-World War II search of an American college student for her missing cousin. Full of history, suspense, romance and women kicking butt, this is historical fiction at its finest!

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The Two Gates: A Novel

by Ken Davenport


It’s January 1964. A twist of fate has saved the life of President John F. Kennedy and changes the arc of history. Political intrigue and infighting roils Washington in the wake of the assassination attempt in Dallas, and a wounded Kennedy returns to the White House to face a growing crisis in Vietnam that threatens America’s Cold War strategy. The president doesn’t trust the information he is getting from Saigon, where the military is engaged in a shadow operation to make things seem better than they really are.

So he turns to the one man he does trust: Lt. Colonel Patrick O’Shea. A decorated combat veteran of Korea, O’Shea has been plucked from obscurity to be Kennedy’s military advisor, and is tasked by the president to figure out what is really going on in Vietnam.

The knives come out as O’Shea grapples with myriad threats to himself and the president he serves. The Pentagon, the CIA, the Corsican Mafia and the Chicago Mob are all


In the tradition of bestselling author Jack Higgins, this World War II thriller pulls you into the action with men risking it all to fight the Nazis. Malcolm McLain, a famous Irish professional soccer player, is flying as a navigator with the Royal Air Force when his plane is shot down over Yugoslavia. Taken prisoner by the Nazis, Malky discovers he’s about to be Adolf Hitler’s pawn in a propaganda campaign claiming he’s turned traitor and is now a Nazi.

Polish resistance fighter Chez Orlowski is clever, relentless and utterly audacious in his crusade to wreak havoc and terrorize the Nazis occupying his country. Chez—a hero to the Polish people and a figure of terror to the enemy—is known as The Spider. When the Yugoslavian Partizani learns of Hitler’s plans for McClain, they vow to wreck them. Only The Spider has the daring to extract McClain from Stalag 306 and spirit him to safety. Can he be persuaded to use his special talents for a very dangerous mission?

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