Barnaby Smith

by Daniel Martin Eckhart

Barnaby Smith has tried to fly, like a bird, his entire life. He has jumped off roofs nine times, he has broken every bone in his body … and he has been at the asylum, heavily medicated for his own safety, for the past twenty-three years. When Dr. Martha Lewis takes his case, she makes it her obsession to save him … and soon finds that he instead may be her own salvation. A story about life, love, belief, compromise and freedom … and yes, the dream and the impossibility of human flight.


by Ade Johnston

Jim O’Brien seems to have it all. Prime of life, wonderful family, successful business, and pillar of the community. Then his dark past returns to haunt him. His loved ones are threatened by one of the most vicious gangsters in Glasgow. He’s forced to take part in a massive betting scam.
In Jim’s hometown of Courloch, corruption, sickness and death bubble to the surface. His health starts going downhill and he is trapped in gambling and alcohol addiction. Everything Jim thought was solid and secure melts into air. Inside and outside him, good and evil, light and darkness are inseparable twins.

A Sparrow Falls

by Vicki Olsen

Doors were never locked, in Tolerance, Arkansas in the 1950’s. Everyone went to church on Sunday and the corner grocer extended credit, never asking for a credit card. Things were good —the age of innocence in America that laid the foundation for the sexual and Cultural Revolution that was to explode onto the scene in the sixties. But for Sarah Jones, a glimpse into the shadows snatched away her childhood innocence. Her way of dealing with the despicable acts committed against her threatened to destroy who she truly was. Can she find the inner strength to overcome her past? Can she see that letting go of the desire to punish oneself is often the hardest act of forgiveness?

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