Come Back

by Sally Crosiar

Vi Masters wonders…can you come home again? And why would she want to? She fled upright, backwater Freedom, Iowa at seventeen and hoped never to return. But this time, she can’t fight pleas of the aunt who raised her. It’s one weekend. How bad can three days be? Three measly days in a wonderful eighteen-year marriage – that’s what Vi’s stepmother hopes. But what if Ben discovers Tammy knew why his daughter ran away – something he’s determined to finally find out? She can’t be sure Ben would forgive her, and that’s got Tammy scared to her bones. One day in and Vi knows she has to turn her aunt’s party into a night even Alzheimer’s won’t let Sadie forget. But that’s before Vi finds out Nate Barlow has moved back to town. Now after all she’s already survived, Vi must dig deep for courage. Nate will never be able to accept Vi’s past. Who knew hope could be so scary?

They Called Me Margaret

by Florence Osmund

Cozy mystery writer Margaret Manning thinks her husband may be mimicking the behavior of some of the shadier characters in her books, even though he claims to have never read any of them. When several pieces of her jewelry go missing, she wonders if he’s responsible for it or if she’s losing her mind. When her world becomes complicated with health issues and the unsettling actions of friends and family, her dream of opening a bookstore for indie authors begins to crumble…along with the promise for a happier life.

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