The Universe in 3/4 Time

by Leona Francombe


From the damp cobbles of old Brussels to a Black Forest refuge…from Prague’s ghostly lanes to a remote mountain hut…
Join three struggling musicians as they head off across Europe to recover a mysterious World War II piano, a dangerous quest that illuminates not only the fate of the piano’s elusive owner, but also musical revelations lost to antiquity. THE UNIVERSE IN 3/4 TIME is a gripping European adventure steeped in historical secrets, ancient mysticism, and a great love forged by war and music.

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Chocolate-Covered Chaos

by Lori R. Taylor


Widower Nick Marshall is struggling to raise his stepdaughter Chloe and her half-sister, Abby. When Chloe starts flunking out, he becomes rigid and controlling. Then she gets in a fight. Desperate, he brings home a chocolate lab named Max. The girls bond with Max, but his antics drive Nick crazy. Can Max help Nick reconnect with Chloe before her deadbeat father splits the family for good?

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Picasso’s Motorcycle

by Marc Sercomb


France, 1940.
An unexpected gift of an old motorcycle with a tragically romantic past hurls a young orphan into the thick of things as war breaks out and his life changes forever. Half-French/half-German Daniel must find a way to survive in a world that mercy seems to have abandoned. This book transports the reader to Nazi-occupied France, where Daniel unwittingly and unexpectedly finds himself working for the Resistance, and ultimately to the Russian Front in a twist of fate so startling that no one can see it coming. In turn quirky, heartwarming, beguiling and uncompromising, author Marc Sercomb weaves together many moods and colors to tell young Daniel’s story. Beyond engaging, Picasso’s Motorcycle has been hailed as a genuine “page-turner” by those who have so far encountered it.

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The Journey to Source

by Maria Kitsios, LMT


May the poetry in this book serve as a reminder that we are visitors here.
One day each of us will let go of everything and everyone we love.
It is this powerful and humbling truth which makes us truly appreciate life.
Let us use this life as the grandest opportunity
to explore, strengthen, heal, grow, love, give, create,
and courageously forge ahead in service to others.
Heart first always in connection to Source.
Delve within and answer the necessary questions:
• Who am I?

• What is the meaning of life?

• Why am I here?

Let the answers which arise manifest as your legacy to this world.

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Third and Long

by Bob Katz

Can the handsome, haunted stranger with a mysterious past save the soul of a dying Midwest factory town?

Meet Nick Remke, a damaged former Notre Dame football star desperate for a job and maybe redemption.

It’s 1997. Longview, Ohio, U.S.A. Nick finally gets his chance when he’s hired to run Made Right, a family-owned clothing factory severely threatened by offshore competition. The entire town depends on the fragile fortunes of the overworked factor. All eyes now turn to Nick .

Marie Zanay is among them. A single mother whose son stars on the Longview High football team, she’s spent a lifetime rooting for her hometown and is acutely aware of the overwhelming odds against it. Still, Marie is forced to admit that Nick the newcomer suddenly has the townsfolk feeling inspired. Is that hope misplaced, or is it possibly real?

For Nick, it’s been a long, winding, rocky road filled with disappointment and doubt. Becoming MVP of a small town on the Ohio River was never his goal . . . until it became his dream.

Third and Long is the saga of a vanishing America hanging by a thread, with perhaps just enough time remaining for one last hail-Mary. Think Friday Night Lights meets It’s A Wonderful Life.

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