As the leader of his Seal Team: Derrick Rebel has lost everything, betrayed by the woman he loved. He’s become a man without purpose. Until…the one surviving member of his team pushes him to help a woman in need.

Joining forces, they form a task team in honor of the men that were lost. They hurtle themselves deep into a criminal organization marketing men, women, and children. Anyone is fair game.

To destroy the organization, one will become the criminal, the other will be forced to confront unfinished business from his past. One of them…will never be the same.

Anybody’s Daughter

by Pamela Samuels Young

Rated 4 or 5 Stars by 90% of over 1,000 Amazon Readers! Thirteen-year-old Brianna is about to sneak off to meet a boy she met on Facebook. But she’s in for a horrifying surprise because the boy doesn’t exist. Instead, she’s hurled into a shocking world most people know nothing about.

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The Wall

by Joseph Hayes

Spine-tingling suspense involving America’s most red-hot political issue. A thriller with a heart.
This story deals with a police officer who has been on the police force for a few years. He feels he’s doing a great job of serving and protecting his community. Soon he realizes that he’s part of a police force where there are some police officers who dishonor the oath they all took to protect and serve their city and he knows what is going on around him is all wrong. He has a decision to make, whether to report it and risk his career and his badge or be part of the cover up. He chronicles all of these events where he talks about different cases and everything that occurred during that time period. This book addresses racial issues and whether good cops know who the bad ones are and what can be done about it.

Mango Digger

by Bill Myers

Mango Digger is the seventh adventure in the highly entertaining Mango Bob and Walker Series. Living in his motorhome, Walker is tasked with finding the daughter of the Mafia boss he befriended in Key West. She went missing while digging crystals in the mountains of Arkansas and to aid in his search, Walker reluctantly agrees to take along a mystery woman who supposedly has a psychic gift. She’s smart, sexy, and single and the question is, does she have more on her quirky mind than finding the bosses daughter? Ride along as Walker, the mystery woman, and Mango Bob the cat travel cross country in Walker’s motorhome, trying to avoid the trouble that seems to show up around every curve in the twisty mountain roads. A fun read!

Writer, Seeker, Killer

by Ryan Starbloak

“New Orleans; our lady of perpetual sirens.”

Hinanya Ven has but one interest in this life, and that is death. This great question has enveloped her into a deranged obsession, a need for transcendence in proximity to grand suffering. The search takes her back to her childhood home of New Orleans, where she returns after a six year absence following her family’s permanent retreat from the city in the unanticipated catastrophe of Hurricane Katrina.

On her own there for the first time, Hinanya inquires into whether or not there is a metaphysical substructure to the universe we all perceive. In the course of her journey, she, through inexplicable and violent circumstances, appropriates the pistol identical to the make, model, and serial number her friend had used to commit suicide several months prior to her arrival in New Orleans. The weight of the mystery augments her desire to part from her body… to have an out-of-body experience.

The suicidal girl’s path takes her from becoming a writer, a graffiti artist in the glittering menace of the New Orleans nightscape to search for a secretive substance which may settle her ceaseless curiosity. From there, she uncovers a jarring conspiracy which inextricably undermines her being into that brutal principle of the natural world: kill or be killed.

After ten years and fifteen combat deployments overseas Ex Army Ranger Thomas Cole is living a simple, peaceful life. But when a woman from his past, a woman he once loved, asks him to use his Special Operations training and skills to help her, he reluctantly sets aside his quiet life. What begins as a favor leads Tom to stolen drugs, dead bodies, meth dealers and White Supremacist, sending him down a path of death and danger with no turning back.
Her blue eyes were luminous. They saved her life… for a while.
Four people begin a journey. It will lead them to a deadly meeting on a country road beside an Iowa cornfield. Along the way, a mystery unravels through twists and turns that have you wondering who the “good guys and bad guys” are. The final encounter leaves no doubt that things are not always as they appear.

Undead and vegan? Not the afterlife this girl had planned.

Waking up thin is one thing. But waking up gaunt, hangry, and undead makes for a very bad day. Mallory’s killer better hide, because she’s just discovered blood, meat, and dairy don’t agree with her, and a future with no cheese is grim indeed. She’s out to find her killer…and maybe a vegan cheese that doesn’t melt her nose hairs.

Click to see how Mallory conquers a killer hunger while hunting a deadly vampire.

All the Shiny Things

by Robin Mahle

A young woman with a good job and a good life, until she discovers it was all a lie. Now, her desperate search for the truth begins and it will change her forever.

A past revealed. A vengeance unleashed.

Compelled to dig into a past no one wants to relive, Katie soon turns to Detective Marshall Avery. He is the only one willing to give her the resources she needs to find answers, but those answers could come at a steep price. When her search breathes new life into an old monster—one who has left a trail of innocent blood in his wake—it is too late to turn back.

The monster is again unleashed and the FBI must be called upon. Special Agent Nick Scarborough finds himself entangled in a decades-old investigation that has now placed Katie’s life in great danger.

Katie’s desire for retribution has already cost her dearly. So when the tables are turned, will Detective Avery be able to keep her from going too far?

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