Apparent Horizon

by Patrick Morgan

On the eve of his best friend’s wedding, Michael is warned by an old classmate, now a NASA scientist, that a gamma ray burst from a nearby exploding star will hit the Earth the following morning at 11:13 a.m. – an incident that will irrevocably destroy the ozone layer, disrupt the food chain, and ultimately prove cataclysmic for all life on the planet.

Michael and the groom-to-be, Drew, laugh off the prediction as a demented joke. However, at precisely 11:13 a.m. the next day, a blinding light in the sky disrupts Drew’s wedding. News media outlets dismiss the cosmic event as a harmless phenomenon, but Michael knows better. Wrestling with the burden of his truth, uncertain of how much time he has left or just what to do with it, Michael finds himself alienated from everything and everyone he’s ever known.

Under Drew’s influence, Michael begins to transform his rather mundane life, previously shackled by powerlessness and fear, into something more unrestrained and ultimately dangerous.

Eye for Eye

by JK Franko

What would YOU do if someone hurt the one you love?

Roy and Susie are the perfect couple, an ideal family living a fairy-tale life… until their teenage daughter is senselessly killed.

Just as they’re managing to put that tragic loss behind them, a complete stranger approaches Roy in a bar with a drunken proposal—he invokes their daughter’s memory to ask Roy to kill a man.

All is not as it seems, however, and Roy and Susie soon find themselves navigating an intricate web of deception, betrayal, and revenge.

Can Roy and Susie outwit their hidden enemies? And what secrets lie buried in their past that could destroy them?

Desolation Run

by James Snyder

Three escaped convicts and a runaway girl search for a hidden fortune in stolen military payroll, pursued by a nationwide police manhunt, an enraged ex-husband, and a psychotic prison investigator bent on revenge.

Black Water

by Ninie Hammon

Bailey Donahue was supposed to stay dead… After witnessing her husband’s murder, Bailey’s been ripped from her life and secreted away in the Witness Protection Program. Too bad the sleepy town of Shadow Rock was the wrong place to hide.

Believed dead by the mafia, Bailey finds herself trapped in a torturous limbo, walled-off from her old life. But that’s where she must stay unless she’s willing to risk the lives of her eighteen-month-old daughter, or any of the other people Bailey loves most in the world.

Losing all hope, she tries to kill herself … Then wakes up in the hospital, more alive than ever. Now Bailey has a “gift”— she can paint portraits of events that haven’t happened… yet. Her first picture is of a drowning girl. She doesn’t know who or where the girl is, or worse, how to stop her prediction from coming true.

When two locals offer their help, Bailey feels like she must accept, even though her instincts are screaming that the pair of supposedly good Samaritans know too much about her.

Can Bailey find the girl and prevent a tragedy — without letting anyone know she’s still alive?

Blood on Their Hands

by Bob Brink

Hiram Garbuncle is a veteran criminal defense attorney—as well as a racist, miserly alcoholic. He lives for hoarding money, following sports, pursuing sex, drinking—and the prideful practice of law. In 2008, he defends a black man from Trinidad who was brutally beaten by police and charged with violently resisting arrest. After a mistrial, the attorney discovers incriminating evidence on the two cops. His new challenge becomes how to keep himself and his client alive pending a new trial.

Deadly Trail

by Marilyn Meredith

Deputy Tempe Crabtree arrests Nick Two John for slashing the tires of a logging truck during a protest. On the way to the jail, he repeatedly begs for his freedom. He believes that with her Native American heritage, she should understand she should understand what the loggers represents and not arrest him. Then he offers to reveal a secret information if she’ll release him. While she is curious to know the information, she does not give in.

“She begins to regret that decision when Andre Donato, owner of the Bear Creek Inn, collapses and dies in the kitchen when Tempe and her minister boyfriend Hutch are there eating dinner. It is ruled a heart attack until another worker collapses with similar symptoms. She is saved, but it becomes evident that both people were poisoned.

“The police center their investigation on Nick Two John. Deputy Crabtree is convinced he didn’t do it, but she is soon pushed out of the investigation. She comes up with other suspects with good motives and begins to investigate on her own.

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Sinister Sisterhood

by Jane Badrock

The Sinister Sisterhood. Devious. Deadly. Deadicated.

Trophy hunters had nothing to fear…until now.

Does for big game hunting what Tom Sharpe’s Riotous Assembly did for the South African police…
If your blood boils when you see a photo on Facebook of someone posing with some so called ‘big game’ they’ve shot, then this is the book for you.
A ferociously inventive comic caper starring a gang of female desperados it’ll satisfy every dark thought you’ve ever had about trophy hunters as Elle gathers the Sinister Sisterhood, each with their own agendas, and together they tear through a set of animal exploiting villains.
And best of all, a donation from the authors royalties goes to animal welfare charities. So what’s not to like?

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Best of Enemies

by Iain Parke

If you want to solve a crime like Pearl Harbour, there’s only one question to ask. Who benefits?

“States don’t have friends, only interests.”

Prepare to rethink everything you thought you knew about World War Two

1940, Britain’s darkest hour and as young Naval Intelligence officer Tom Belvoir negotiates the hushed corridors of power behind the blackout curtains, he hears the murmured talk of surrender in shadowy corners.

Desperate times call for truly desperate measures, an extreme operation and the ultimate sacrifice, in a plot which will change the course of history.

Now, seventy years later, what secrets are still too dangerous to face the light of day

Fatherland meets Smiley’s world of bureaucracy and deception in a book which will make you question the story you’ve been told.

The Penitent Priest

by J. R. Mathis

Ten years ago, his wife died in his arms. God saved him for Himself. Now, he wants his first love to catch her killer.
Father Tom Greer is playing with fire.


by Patti Larsen

What if Death fell in love with Life and they had a daughter…?

Her unique parentage ensures Eve isn’t like her angel siblings. She brings Death at the beginning of Life and Life to those meant to die. Her continuing failures create constant disaster for her parents and the mortals she tries so hard to serve. But when Eve accidentally interferes with the Loom of Creation, she sets off a chain of events that leads her to finally understand who she really is.

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