A nurse on the run. A biker with a dark past. An unlikely match that will change their worlds forever.

Ryker Cole’s friend is dying, and his world is crumbling around him.

When shy and nervous nurse, Charlotte, walks into that hospital room, he is captivated by her sharp wit and kind smile. Their conversations soothe him, her presence keeping him steady, but Ryker knows she’s not for him. Women like Charlotte don’t belong in the world of the Kings of Korruption MC. It’s not safe.

Except, Charlotte’s already in danger. Her past has caught up with her, and this time, she may not survive.


by Jody Kaye

Temple has high standards Adam will never reach. Adam wants her to teach him how to be a better man. The one caveat is keeping his heart out of the equation. Who would’ve guessed her perfect life was an illusion or that she’d fall for him too? When Adam’s conscience compels him to tell the truth about his past, will Temple trust anyone ever again?

Winter’s Kiss

by Sienna Carr

She’s the city girl from Boston. He’s the pottery guy from the bay.
Their lives were never meant to collide.

Neither of them are looking for love, but maybe it’s time for them to let go and give in.
Because when the timing is right, and the feeling is ripe, taking a risk with their hearts could lead to lasting love and happiness.

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