Steal My Heart, Trevor

by Barbara Lohr

Trevor Daniels comes to rescue Bryn’s diamondback turtles, but plans change. Now he wants to steal her heart. His four-year-old twins will help. Although she’s seeing Malcolm, Bryn’s got so much sweet history with Trevor. Is Bryn’s grade school friend her soul-mate? As a boy her science fair buddy crowned her with dandelions. Can he put a ring on her heart now?

Love on the Wind

by P.C. Zick

An uptight builder. A quirky travel show host. An explosive passion that surprises them both.

Six years of traveling for her television series has left host Kiley Nelson longing for a place to call her own. Spending a weekend at her girlfriend’s beach house is the perfect reprieve, especially when she purchases property to finally settle down. But her peaceful escape is shaken when she smashes into a car containing the sinfully sexy and infuriated passenger, Jeff Hammond, who immediately melts her heart.

Jeff, staying at his friend’s Montauk home to relax after a trying week of building a home for a spoiled diva, doesn’t count on sharing his weekend with the flaky, yet incredibly sexy, Kiley. He agrees to build her house, despite the tug on his heart as Kiley turns him on in every delicious way.

Passionate weekends and shared dreams begin to shape the house they start to build together. As their relationship deepens, so do the wounds from past hurts, rousing ghosts from Jeff’s traumatic past. When a summer storm rolls in at the nearly complete house, they’re forced to deal with the past before it shakes and cracks the very foundation they’ve built.

Misunderstanding and stubborn personalities threaten to rip apart the fledgling relationship until both Kiley and Jeff learn to trust one another.

Molly Unplanned

by Nicki Elson

Molly had a plan. Note the past tense. When her almost-fiance opts for a surprise Plan B, she’s left with no boyfriend, no money, and nowhere to live. Accepting an offer for freebie rent on a sleepy Wisconsin farm feels like a giant step back from all her ambitions … until a captivating cowboy turns out to be more than just a fun distraction, spinning Molly’s life in a direction utterly (udderly?) unplanned.

New Release!

One Monsoon in Mumbai

by Anitha Perinchery

One Nerdy Hero, One Dashing Villain, One Interfering Auntie…
Life’s complicated for Seema Rawat, cyberspy.

From the files of the Intelligence Bureau:

Name: Seema Rawat

Job: Child pickpocket-turned-cyberspy

Mission: Infiltrate the suspect’s place of work and extract information from his computer.

Target: Adhith Verma, son of India’s finance minister. Handsome, charming, well-dressed.

Threat: Vikram Joshi, suspect’s boss and BFF, cybersecurity prodigy hot on the trail of the spy in their systems. Always says the wrong thing at the wrong time but has pecs and abs which can send Seema’s hormones into a Bollywood group dance.

Complication: Seema’s auntie who is determined to protect her virtue from both men.


Laugh-out-loud romantic spy caper set in India!

Buy now to dive into this world of laughter and romance and spice and fun that you’ll never want to leave!

Repeating History

by Hanleigh Bradley

Moving back to London after a break up, Clara has a new hair colour, a new apartment and a new job.
It’s the job she’s always dreamed of. Except, she never dreamed that she’d have to work with him!
Andrew and Clara have history. He’s both the first boy she ever liked and the first boy she ever hated. They’ve been in love since childhood and now their reconnection is anything but easy.
The banter is quick witted, unprofessional and downright naughty…
Can this pair put their history to rest for the sake of their careers?

The Name of Red

by Beena Khan

Two strangers on the same path.
Survivors. Companions.
They will be each other’s salvation.

On a rainy, winter night, a mysterious woman in a red dress seeking shelter comes inside the restaurant Kabir was busy working in —primarily the bar— and night after night, drink after drink, she comes back to the same spot. That is where he sees her for the first time.

Hundreds of patrons around her try to speak with her daily, but she dismisses them. It appears she wants to remain in a blissful peace alone with her booze and books. After seeing the mysterious woman reading a book, and because of his shy nature, Kabir gains entrance into her life by anonymously leaving books with notes for her.

The Name of Red is the story of two strangers, two different personalities who meet on a winter, rainy night who challenge each other. They have a connection which blossoms into a friendship due to their fondness of books. But they both have secrets that can bind them together or threaten their newfound relationship forever.

Ryan helps his widowed sister-in-law in her bakery for Christmas and delights his nephews with a Santa approved recipe to heal their broken hearts.

Borrowing Amor

by Kat Bellemore

Katie has been kicked out of her apartment. Again. Rather than wander the streets and continue to work for a dirty cop, she escapes, determined to disappear for good. Until her car breaks down in a small New Mexican town, and everything is threatened when she falls for the charming mayor.

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