When their friends take a cruise to Bermuda, strangers Hint Daniels and Jack Whitby are charged with looking after their friends’ dog. Then everything starts to go wrong…
In the leafy New York suburb of Bronxville, Hint is supposed to hand Percy off to Jack on day-five of the ten days their friends are away. But at the handoff, the dog ends up running away. Neither is willing to tell their friends the bad news that Percy is missing. Instead, they spend five frantic days desperately searching for the Schnoodle, with wildly different ideas on how to go about it. Between Jack’s heavy-handed approach and Hint’s otherworldly style, their personalities clash. Before long they’re bickering furiously, even as romantic sparks fly. Will Percy show up before his owners do? And what surprising discovery will Hint and Jack make while looking for him?

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Finding Southern Comfort

by Barbara Lohr

Harper Kirkpatrick’s history of procrastination doesn’t stop her from signing on with Cameron Bennett as a nanny for Bella, his difficult daughter. Bella’s eating disorder is a challenge Harper cannot resist…and so is the clueless father. Before long the handsome widower wonders if his head strong nanny can bring the heart back to his home.
Triplets are on the way, amid a scandal! Fertility expert Cole didn’t mean to predict the coming end of the human race. Now he’s front page news, and so is his favorite nurse’s unexpected pregnancy. Rejecting his proposal, Stacy’s determined to give their babies up for adoption. With reporters dogging every step, how can Cole win her heart? Winner, Cataromance Reviewer’s Choice Award! Although part of the Safe Harbor Medical romance series, The Baby Jackpot stands on its own.
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