Be Still My Heart

by J.L. Feaman

Be Still My Heart, is a fun and steamy adult tale of two lost souls who find a love like neither of them have ever experienced before. Amber Johnson finds herself divorced from a horrible marriage and an empty nester in the same year. Leery of love, she is content with being alone. Her work as a journalist brings her on tour with her favorite band from her childhood, where she reluctantly falls in love with playboy-musician and actor Kris August. Amber quickly realizes that a relationship with someone famous brings a series of challenges and a dark turn of events threatens to tear them apart. Will love win?

Every Breath You Take

by Barbara Lohr

A pretty widow with two girls, Lindsay’s handled lots of messes. But Tanner is a special case. The Army taught him all about rules, and she’s about had it with the man. Then Red shows up to play basketball with Tanner. The boy with Down syndrome teaches Tanner about tolerance and love. Game on for Tanner and Lindsay.

Carved In Stone

by Donna McDonald

A year has passed since his ex-wife remarried. Now artist Will Larson’s adult sons have decided their father needs to start dating again. Will has someone in mind but first must relearn the art of love.

Left Hanging

by Cindy Dorminy

When Darla discovers that the new cute doctor everyone is talking about is her daughter’s father, she knows she needs to keep her distance from the man who abandoned her and their child.

Fire and Foreplay

by Melanie Shawn

Sexy MMA champion turned firefighter Gabe Maguire meets single mom Adriana Hale, and that’s when the sparks really fly.

Until Now

by Cristin Cooper

When a pregnant 16 yr old shows up at a diner alone, she changes her life and that of the 24 yr old owner. They spent eighteen years taking care of each other and now the baby girl that brought them together is leaving for college. Is she giving them a reason to move on or stay together?

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