Cupid she’s not—but she’s pretty darn close.

Nothing in the world feels better than finding her clients the perfect date. Of course finding one for herself might be nice, but creative bill paying is for college students—not for accomplished doctors in their forties. Satisfied customers keep the electricity on.

But wait, according to all the magazines the forties are the new twenties. Now if only she felt twenty… 

Everything in Dr. Mariah Bates’ life was perfectly fine until the moment she quit her celebrity radio job to start a dating business. Two years, a cheating ex, and a very ugly divorce later, she’s suddenly homeless and living with her mother. Not exactly how she’d envisioned her life working out. Not that her mom isn’t great, but come on.

With her cop ex-husband doing everything he can to ruin her business, she’s at her wit’s end. Throw in another cop who makes her believe in love at first sight—or at least lust—and life is a mess. Interesting, fun and tummy tingling, but a mess. Especially since another cop is the last thing she needs.

Despite a very persistent, want-to-be beau who insists he’s protecting her, it’s time for Mariah to take control of the game her ex has been playing. Punt or pass, she’s due for a touchdown.

Everyone deserves the perfect date—even her.


by Mila Ferrera

But what begins as passion takes on a dangerous edge, becoming an emotional roller coaster that’s frighteningly familiar. As things spiral out of control, Nessa must decide whether she should hold on for the ride or run … even if it means leaving her heart behind.

Tackled and Pinned Hard

by Ellie Danes

Men fear me. Woman adore me.
Pinned hard, I have them begging for the release.
Now there’s one knockout I can’t seem to land, no matter how hard I try.
I could put her on her back in seconds flat, legs in the air and she’d have a smile on her face, begging for more, but I have to stay away or else.Zoey Marous. She has all of the moves, the ambition, the smarts and is drop dead gorgeous.

The problem is, I’m at the top of my career and super sports agent Tristan Thorne seems to think he can land me a million dollars and the fight of my life.

The catch? Stay out of trouble and away from women, especially Zoey.

The one girl that could wreck my career and my heart.


by Colleen Charles

Broke single dad, Reed Matheson, will stop at nothing to obtain the expensive medical treatments his critically ill daughter needs, even selling his own soul. Will he be able to raise the funds in time to save his precious little girl?

Our Dark Design

by Alannah Carbonneau

It was supposed to be a job. Sail through the Caribbean on a luxury yacht while cooking and cleaning for some rich man. How hard can that be?
That’s what the ad implied.
It’s not what he wanted.
It’s not what he took.
It’s not what I gave.Noah
She’s the only tether I have to the moment that made me the monster I am.
She’s the only way I can truly sate my craving.
It’s for her I’ll be the protector.
It’s because of her I’ll submit to the killer.
It’s with her that I might eventually find sanctuary.

Disastrously Fabulous

by D.A. Prince

After finally, finding the “right” man in her life crystal finds photos of another woman on her husband’s phone. It is a story where her past relationships flash before her eyes while she battles with present moment decisions on what to do about her current situation. Each decision she makes causes her story to unfold deeper. How did she get into this mess and what is she going to do?
The story has the edge of your seat emotional moments as well as uplifting and funny ones. Disastrously Fabulous hopes to inspire readers as well as entertain them.

Free for a limited time and then will be .99.


Is there such a thing as Prince Charming? Chastity didn’t take a teaching job in France to find hers, but a woman can dream, n’est-ce pas? If the father of one of her students–the Viscount Charles Jean Anne Monorie de Brase–is the best local example of princes, Charming or Otherwise, Chastity is ready to put aside any thought of falling in love again.

She’s had enough of his arrogance and would prefer him to keep his distance, yet it seems there is no avoiding each other. With the ongoing pressure of a repentant ex-boyfriend, a nefarious drug dealer, and an art heist that spans the decades, Chastity and the viscount are thrown together by circumstances she would soon rather forget.

As the intimacy between Charles and Chastity deepens, they must decide if their love is enough to bridge the gap between their disparate worlds, and if happily ever after can exist outside of fairy tales.

The House on Persimmon Road

by Jackie Weger

Need Help? Hire a Ghost. She Cooks. Lottie Roberts has been sitting on her bones since the Civil War, waiting for her ticket to heaven until Justine Hale moves into Lottie’s two-hundred-year-old house with three generations of emotional baggage: Her mother, her ex mother-in-law and two pesky children. Lottie senses in Justine a kindred spirit, one filled with heartache and in reduced circumstances, which mirrors Lottie’s situation exactly. Justine needs help. Lottie is of a mind to provide it, but before she can say squat, Tucker Highsmith arrives. His dark eyes, lazy grin, and sexy Alabama drawl coupled with the dern braggart’s Mr. Fix-it talents just might be the answer to all of Justine’s problems. Or maybe not…Because Lottie has her own agenda, one she has been waiting, hoping and praying for since she discovered her bones on a hidden staircase.


If faced with your worst fear, what would you do? Would you run or would you fight?

Camryn Hamilton is a fighter.

A thirty-something mother of two, Camryn appears to have it all: a husband, plenty of money, and children she adores. When she returns home to spend Christmas with her family, her perfect world she has created begins to crumble, thrusting her face to face with the only man who truly knows her.

Holden Patrick will fight harder.

A powerful, handsome attorney, Holden left town after his adoptive parents’ death. In his time away he almost managed to forget the girl who ran away with his heart. At least until a turn of fate brought him back to Mantoloking, and back to Camryn.

But are they willing to fight for each other?

Faced with a tragic past that they both wanted to forget, they struggle to protect their hearts from being broken again. Will their love be enough to get them through another tragedy, or will they close themselves off and run away again?

Rochester Riot Boxed Set

by Colleen Charles

Will you take them down or let them score? No matter your choice, these hot hockey heroes will always light your red light. This boxed set by best selling author, Colleen Charles, contains four full-length novels, including Benched, a #1 sports romance that spent over a year at the top of the hockey romance chart! A little bit of hockey and a whole lot of love.


by Joan Carney

For most people, Christmas is a time of joy and anticipation. But when a freak accident robs Gracie of her memory, the lines between fantasy and reality blur.
Now there’s only one gift Gracie wants for Christmas, and the only man who can bring it is not Santa.

Sometimes the road to love takes a detour… Wren is finally making a break from her alcoholic husband that has only ever destroyed her life and her hope. Her best friend, Maddox, is there along the way. But falling in love wasn’t part of the plan. This is a raw, emotional roller coaster ride of love, loss, growth, and friendship.

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