A laid off legal secretary, curious about the BDSM lifestyle but with no experience as a submissive, responds to an ad in a lifestyle magazine placed by a law firm seeking a “submissive legal assistant” and gets more than she bargained for. This story is the kickoff to a series about a law firm that has quite a bit going on behind closed doors.

No Reservations

by R.E. Hargrave

Selena and Dakota Derringer have been trying to get pregnant for a year without much luck. When their latest test is once again negative, they accept an invitation from old friends for an adult weekend away instead of letting it get them down.
Selena’s old college roommate Trinity Marshall, and her husband Joey, are both thrill seekers. In and out of the bedroom. When the couple suggest more than just wine and talking, will the Derringers accept their friends’ special proposition? What will come of their actions if they do?
Sometimes in life you just need to throw caution to the wind.
Let go.
Be adventurous.
Have no reservations.

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Harper Lawson gave her virginity one snowy night to a man she thought was billionaire Marcus Colter a decade ago. The next day, he betrayed her with another woman. She has not seen him since that day. Now, her sister has been kidnapped and she is forced to go to Marcus for help, and is relieved to find that she is no longer attracted to him. When Harper meets his twin brother, Blake, she is confused over her emotional and physical response to him. How could she give herself to Marcus so many years ago and yet feel such a strong attraction to the gorgeous US senator, Blake? Harper becomes more confused as she waits with Blake for her sister to be rescued. Then, her entire world comes crashing down when everything that she thought was true for over a decade wasn’t the truth at all. What happens when a woman finds out that a man she’d both hated and loved never really existed?

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Once Should Be Enough

by Nikky Kaye

Will and Cassie are college students who discover that betting on sex with your hot best friend is not the best way to get over a secret crush in this erotic new adult romance novella. “Short, funny and super-sexy, this friends-to-lovers novella made me laugh out loud and fan myself at all of the hotness before leaving me with a big smile on my face. It’s lots of fun and seriously dirty, and I loved it!” -The Escapist Book Blog Sequel coming in February 2017!

Four girlfriends, one mission, to find sexily-ever-after with the man of their dreams.

This box set contains 4 full-length novels: over 1000 pages of scorching hot (and sometimes kinky) erotic romance that’s sexy, funny and emotional.

Books 1, 2 and 3 of the Husband Series have just been listed in the top ten ’Favourite Erotic Romances of 2016’ (Australian Romance Readers Association) so we’re celebrating with a discount deal.

Five-and-a-half years in a State Penitentiary or six and a half month as a sex-slave at a bdsm dude ranch. That was the choice facing Delilah Davenport after sentencing for repeat prostitution. What would you take? What did she take?

In book four, Prohibition inhibitions, our beloved vampire Sebastian has found himself in 20th century Chicago, a town at war with itself. He shows his true colors to the local crime families, and they in turn stay out of his business. This book ties up many loose ends for Sebastian, finally allowing closure. But will he ever find true love, does it even exist?

Sale price may not be available to readers in all countries.

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