Marked Dragon

by Aurora Woodlove

Curvy Erika Williams is not the woman she used to be – bossy, confident, determined. Her divorce sent her spiraling, but now, two years later, she’s coming to the conclusion that she has had enough of living in fear and alone. It’s time for a change. Challenges are everywhere, money’s tight, her house’s literally collapsing and then drop dead gorgeous – and very human, at first sight – Noah enters Erika’s life out of the blue. Raised to believe shifters don’t mix with humans, she’s baffled to discover her inner animal’s interest in Noah.

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His one night stand has left him with more than new ink. Lenn has no doubt the sexy siren is his mate, the one created just for him, the other half of his soul…but there’s no way in Heaven or Hell he’s mating one of her kind. Nope, it’s just not happening. Alone is better than eternity with…with…that. There’s only one answer…blow something up and have another beer.
The Universe does make mistakes. Fate will be denied…or will it?

MIND: The Beginning

by Jenn Nixon

Agents of SHIELD meets Ancient Aliens in this action packed SciFi Romance!

Alpha Lover

by Brenda Sparks

Juliette doesn’t want anything to do with the debonair Nicholai. Acute grief keeps her heart guarded and forces Nicholai to prove himself worthy of her love and trust. Unfortunately, Julie’s past isn’t the only thing threatening their relationship. To save Juliette, Nicholai must battle her demons-both real and imaginary.

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