The only man who can keep her safe is also the one that could break her heart. She will have to risk it all in order to save everything.
Cara Slovenyak is being hunted. After spending a year with an abusive boyfriend, Cara knows that it is time to move on, but when she makes her move to go things go wrong. Very wrong. With a dead body in her wake and a murderous hunter on her scent, there is only one place, with one man, where she will be safe.
Marco Martinez is one of the most powerful men in the world. A billionaire who owns half of Miami, he is also a powerful dragon shape shifter. With his womanizing ways, and rich playboy entitlement, he is thrown off balance when he feels the need to protect Cara from the evil forces coming her way.
As the chemistry between Cara and Marco sizzles, both parties try to call it physical attraction and leave it at the door. But as danger gets closer and their need for each other increases, there may be only one way to make it out alive.

The Wolf Prince´s True Mate

by Jasmine Wylder

Curvy Ilyssa isn´t looking for love, neither does sizzling hot werewolf prince Alaric, but sometimes destiny has its own plans.
Surviving in a world between two enemy empires is never easy, but beautiful Ilyssa and her tribe of forest-dwelling highwaymen have managed to do just that. Now, though, their seemingly full-proof plan to target carriages that travel between the Werewolf kingdom of Lobishome and the Human realm of Emberi has failed to be enough. The band of thieves are forced to hold passengers for ransom in order to survive the harsh winter months, but their new plan proves to be even more dangerous than the last.
The price on Ilyssa’s head has gone up. After unknowingly abducting Alaric, the heir to the Werewolf throne, she finds herself caught up in a clandestine plot designed to bring the rival kingdoms to their knees.
An ancient prophecy, a solo mission, and a promise that cannot be broken are only the beginning of what the beautiful bandit and the handsome heir

Nicu (The Dark Shadows 5)

by Ariel Marie

Nicu Olaru, the heir to the vampire king was not a vampire to cross. Even while seething in the dungeon of the necromancers, he plotted how he would kill Sodan, their king. But first, he had to escape his prison cell. He just had to wait for the Dark Shadows to come for him. His brothers would not forsake him. They would come for him, but somehow the first person who stumbled upon him was an innocent with large brown eyes…

Samara Shamus had never experienced such a rush of power before. One look at the menacing figure locked away in the cell and she knew that he was a force to be reckoned with. The word danger dripped from every facet of his body, but for some reason, he was the only one that she could trust. Her entire future changed the night she met her first vampire.

The Dark Shadows were fighting a war to save their race. But how could Nicu focus when he had more at stake to lose than just his race?

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by Laxmi Hariharan

When differences threaten to tear fated mates apart

I submit to no one—not even him. Not till I was taken
Now a terrible emptiness tears me apart. For,
he’s just…gone
Cast adrift, I’m alone in the dark
Will I see him again?

I never needed anyone
Then I met her, a cage fighter, my shifter. Mine.
The one I must protect
Through many lives have I searched for her
Now I want her. In my life, in my blood.
Her, only her.

Reclusive designer Mikhail Anton blames wolf-shifters for his memory loss, refusing to accept the signs that he is immortal. On meeting Leana Iyeroy, a female cage-fighter and shifter, Mikhail is drawn to her in ways he can’t identify. And when vampires threaten Leana, he must acknowledge his abilities to rescue her from certain death. They must team up to save their city–before their differences destroy everything they love.

Each book in the Many Lives Series is a standalone

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Mia’s testimony against Russian mobsters forced her to enter the witness protection program. She is relocated to a quaint cottage in Wolf Woods, near Mt. Rainier, far from everyone and everything she loved and cared for. All is calm, until she meets Dominic, the gorgeous ruggedly handsome owner of the mysterious Wolfe Estate. He is all alpha male, domineering, and controlling. The last thing she needs is to get involved with a sexy control freak.

Taming the Beast

by Alyse Zaftig

These USA Today and National Bestselling Authors reimagine the timeless French fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast.

From sinfully sexy alpha werewolves to grumpy werebears who just need to be tamed through love, these shifter tales will burn up your sheets and melt your heart. Eleven bestselling authors have come together to form a collection of brand new paranormal romance featuring love, magic, and guaranteed happily ever afters. You won’t find these stories anywhere else.

Chosen by the Vampire King

by Jasmine Wylder

An aspiring opera singer is in the clutches of losing her voice when she meets the world’s most lauded baritone, a man whose biting charm might be just what she needs to make all her melodic dreams come true. Eva St. Marie graduated as the most promising young singer from Julliard, but all that seems all for naught when her voice mysteriously starts to disappear. The best doctors in the field don’t know what to make of her voice but a run in with the world’s most alluring and prestigious baritone seems to magically transform her voice back to its full strength. Ambrose Leroy is a man of secrets and shadows. With the appreciation and praise of the world at his feet and a last name that means “The King” it is no wonder that the handsome man seems to attract female attention everywhere he goes. But Ambroses attention is caught when he meets the budding Eva, a woman on the either the verge of greatness or edge despair, but will her beauty and voice be enough to hold and keep his attention?

Sheltered by the Alpha Bear

by Jasmine Wylder

Love brought them together. The world tried to tear them apart. But a Bear won’t be denied…
I’ve tried to fight it. The passion, the danger, the raw sexual attraction—it is all wrong for me to feel this way about an unavailable man. But I can’t help myself. The Christmas season is about giving and receiving, not taking. This is so not like me to feel this way, but when I’m around Tony I just can’t help myself. The very fact that he is here right now… it has to be fate… right?

The Vampire´s Bride Awakening

by Jasmine Wylder

What begins as a frightening interrogation by the dangerous brood ends with fire and blood. And, if curvaceous Ember doesn’t stop it, she could lose everything she holds dear. Curvy girl Ember Terzi spent her life doing what’s right. Building a business while keeping her younger sister safe from harm was no easy feat, but the life she created for them is suddenly thrown into turmoil when a violent group of strangers come barrelling in on the hunt for someone she’s never heard of and has no desire to meet. Only one man can help her, but there’s a problem. The sizzling hot man with Adonis-like features is as distracting as he is dangerous. With tales of soulmates, immortality, and vampire legacies, Ember is hesitant to enlist his help until one simple touch ignites a fire in her body and soul. She’s left wondering how someone who can make her feel that way could be so bad. Sexy alpha male Kai has spent his life waiting for his soulmate.

Bonded to the Alpha Wolf

by Jasmine Wylder

Every witch needs an animal companion – but she never bargained for this! Savannah Goode has not had an easy existence. An African-American woman with a sensual, Earth Mother Goddess body, she knew from an early age that she was “different,” hailing from a long line of solitary witches. Her two older half-sisters continue to torment her on a daily basis, but somehow she refrains from turning them into toads as she struggles to keep a promise to their late father and run the small Chicago restaurant that was his legacy. Things get even more complicated on the night of a full moon, when a Werewolf gone Rogue accidentally stumbles into the sacred circle during one of Savannah’s ceremonial rituals. On the run from Pack authorities and wanted for murder, Justin Waylan finds himself caught up in Savannah’s spell – literally! – and is forced to hide out at her house until she can find a way to reverse the charm and set him free. And the sooner the better, as it doesn’t take long before

The Vampire´s Secret Baby

by Jasmine Wylder

Melody Terzi is on the run. From vampires and anti-vampire extremists alike. What’s more? She just might have found herself pregnant in the midst of the chaos. As if her life couldn’t get any more complicated, the father of her child happens to be one of the most stubborn, pig-headed, muscle-bound vampires on the planet. If she can stay one step of everybody, she just might be able to disappear off the grid and raise her baby in peace. Aksel Sorenson has plenty of excitement in his life to keep him busy for the next two centuries. The terrorist organization New Dawn is hunting vampires down across the globe and killing them at will. His past has resurfaced and brought with it, a promise to marry a stranger that has huge consequences if not kept. But Aksel? All he can think about is finding the woman he spent one amazing night with all those weeks ago and setting her straight for thinking she can run from him.

MIND: The Beginning

by Jenn Nixon

#SciFiRomance After Dina Ranger loses telepathic contact with her twin brother, Duncan, she breaks into his apartment and stumbles onto a special government unit responsible for monitoring the psychic population. She’s offered a job where she can use her psionic gifts to help people.

Stranded on earth over a hundred years ago, Liam of Shria is searching for a metal needed to repair his ship when he finds Dina inside an alien escape pod and narrowly saves her after she trips the alarm.

As the mystery and their relationship deepens, Liam helps Dina learn the truth behind her abilities while uncovering a plot to rebuild an ancient weapon, exposing dangerous secrets about the alien presence on earth that may change the future forever.

Being the only witness to a grizzly murder, Jo will have to seek protection from the sizzling hot company’s owner if she wants to stay above ground.
Josephine “Jo” Wentlandt is a ferocious blue-eyed curvy environmentalist. While protesting the business deal that threatens her home state, Jo unexpectedly becomes the only witness to a murder. As she runs deep into the forest to get away from the murderer she unexpectedly comes upon the one man who can actually offer her real protection.
Clayton Porter is a reclusive billionaire tucked away in the Montana backcountry, but the sought after man is more than what he seems. With a wild secret he doesn’t share with anyone and a serious aversion to intimacy, he is distressed to find a disheveled woman with searing blue eyes and thick curves standing at his doorstep in need of help.

The Griffin’s Mate

by Zoe Chant

A curvy businesswoman who’s new in town + a lonely griffin shifter searching for someone to share his nest + a small town with a big secret = a hot and heartwarming story of love and family. The Griffin’s Mate is a sweet, sexy standalone griffin shifter paranormal romance. No cliffhangers!

My name’s Conner. With a nick-name like Rock and my Shifter abilities, I’m pretty sure I can take care of myself. But she doesn’t seem to think so. And as it turns out Jazz is more than just a bounty hunter turned body guard. She’s more like me that either of us realized and maybe that explains the attraction. Or maybe it’s something else. Whatever it is, one (or a few) samples of her is not enough. I’m developing a real taste for Jazz.

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