The Griffin’s Mate

by Zoe Chant

A curvy businesswoman who’s new in town + a lonely griffin shifter searching for someone to share his nest + a small town with a big secret = a hot and heartwarming story of love and family. The Griffin’s Mate is a sweet, sexy standalone griffin shifter paranormal romance. No cliffhangers!

My name’s Conner. With a nick-name like Rock and my Shifter abilities, I’m pretty sure I can take care of myself. But she doesn’t seem to think so. And as it turns out Jazz is more than just a bounty hunter turned body guard. She’s more like me that either of us realized and maybe that explains the attraction. Or maybe it’s something else. Whatever it is, one (or a few) samples of her is not enough. I’m developing a real taste for Jazz.

Devil May Care

by Sam Cheever

This Valentine’s Day, the ultimate joke is about to be played on poor Valentine. She’s supposed to choke on a chocolate heart and die. You’d think that would be bad enough. But when she misses her chance to die, she finds herself running from an overly ambitious angel and a sexier-than-hell devil named Abbadon. In the race between good and evil it’s no contest. Hell has sexy green eyes, lots of yummy muscles, and a truly decadent pair of lips to ease her pain!

To feed her three children, Widow Abigail Jenkins takes the only job available in Sunset Cove: night cleaner in the notorious, haunted teahouse. She figures the wild, supernatural rumors about the place are pure fiction. After all, ghosts don’t exist.
Eric Eklund, a sexy spirit from Sweden, is over a thousand years old. Having missed his chance at Valhalla, the Viking spends his time roaming the world and gambling. That is, until he sees Abby whose feisty, earthly-spirit turns his ghostly world upside down.
When the two meet sparks fly, but their romance is interrupted by a poltergeist hunting children.
What happens when you mix a naughty Viking ghost, built like a Norse god, a strong woman who suffers no fools and a nasty poltergeist? Answer: another fun Gambling Ghost story.
A Viking Ghost for Valentine’s Day is a lighthearted novella filled with love, laughter and just enough ghouliness to thrill and chill you to the bone.

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Mate or Die 1

by Luna White

Evelyn Goodwin meets Ronan. A simple touch between them initiates a countdown to Ronan’s death if he doesn’t meet its demands – find a mate in two days or die.

Sexy, independent, and totally Alpha, Jocelyn Blackmane has gotten used to the idea that one-night stands are her best option. She’s not even looking for a mate. In a world where female Alphas are a rarity, it’s hard for Josie to find someone who could match her. Lately, however, she’s felt deliciously drawn to her Beta, Ryan. Unwilling to risk their friendship and confuse her pack, Josie ignores her feelings as best as she can.

Ryan can’t even remember when he fell in love with his Alpha. Ten years ago, he had almost lost her during the Battle at Alma Venus, and since then he couldn’t imagine his life without her. But, surely, such a strong and beautiful woman would never look his way, right?

Her Two Alphas

by T. S. Ryder

A curvy virgin given away by her father PLUS two Alphas ready to share a mate PLUS a wolf looking to sacrifice for love.

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