Enemy Immortal

by Jim Meeks-Johnson

An alien colony vanishes without a trace.
Lt. Jade Mahelona is the redshirt on the team of aliens sent to investigate. Her only human companion is a celebrated professor of xenology with a murky past.
Jade gets ambushed halfway there by Umlac, a sadistic ten-ton cyborg, who wants to control the amazing technology that made the colony on Belle Verte disappear.
Jade battles for survival against Umlac, discovering that Belle Verte has a long history of interstellar colonization.
An ancient race with an agenda of its own awakens, and Earth’s only hope is that Jade can turn her oddball group of aliens into an effective fighting team before an evil power spreads across the galaxy.
If you love heart-pounding alien encounters, speculative science, and thrilling space battles, you’ll want to read this space opera adventure thriller.

What Branches Grow

by T.S. Beier

Thirty-five years after a post-apocalyptic war, Delia is driven from her hometown of Savannah. Gennero lives in a small town, tortured by his violent past. Ordered to apprehend Delia by his boss, Gennero follows her into the unpredictable wasteland. Joined by an old man and his dog, the tenuous allies seek a civilization that may no longer exist.

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