The Time Bubble

by Jason Ayres


The discovery of a portal in a tunnel that sends people forward in time seems like a bit of fun at first. But what happens when people start disappearing for days or even years at a time?

The Time Bubble is the first in a series that has spawned four sequels and four spin-offs, exploring the time travel genre in fresh and innovative ways.


by Kristene Perron & Joshua Simpson

An ambitious explorer. A rebellious captain. Together, they’ll change the course of history. If you like lavish worlds, daring exploits, and a touch of romance, then you’ll love Kristene Perron and Joshua Simpson’s action-packed tale!

The Alex Cave Series Books 1-3

by James M. Corkill

Oil supplies begin to vanish without a trace and society starts to crumble!
While on vacation sailing the waters of the Puget Sound, geophysicist Alex Cave hears a mayday call on the radio and sees a brilliant flash of neon blue light surround an oil tanker. He changes course to help and discovers there was no explosion, no one on board, and the oil has mysteriously vanished without a trace.
The bodies of the missing crew are found hundreds of miles away in the snow on Mount Baker, but there are no footprints leading in or out of the area. Oil starts to disappear around the world, and the only clue is a dollar-size crystal found in the hold of an empty oil tanker.
The situation gets bad when sudden freezing temperatures cause weather patterns to change for the worse and threaten a catastrophe that will affect the entire world. The situation goes from bad to worse when an alien artifact discovered on one of the Aleutian Islands is stolen and taken to COBRA, a private top-secret research facility south of Yellowstone National Park. The scientist in charge has no idea what she’s dealing with and things go horribly wrong.

The Thought Readers

by Dima Zales

Everyone thinks I’m a genius.Everyone is wrong. Sure, I finished Harvard at eighteen and now make crazy money at a hedge fund. But that’s not because I’m unusually smart or hard-working. It’s because I cheat. You see, I have a unique ability. I can go outside time into my own personal version of reality—the place I call “the Quiet”—where I can explore my surroundings while the rest of the world stands still. I thought I was the only one who could do this—until I met her. My name is Darren, and this is how I became entangled with all the Russians and learned that I’m a Reader.

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