Pressure Cooker Christmas

by Ann McCauley

The O’Malleys of Willow Lane don’t know it but they are closing in on an unforgettable Christmas. Marlene insists she loves Christmas. Her husband, Bob, hates Christmas. He wants to cancel their annual Swearing in of the Christmas Tree party, but it’s become a Willow Lane tradition. Their far less than perfect family is irresistibly lovable, despite their many foibles. This story will help even the most Scrooge-like reader find a generous helping of Christmas spirit.

The Butterfly Garden

by Mary Campisi

Psychologist Elliot Drake spends so much time healing other people’s pain that he prefers to keep his own relationships short and uncomplicated. Jenny Romano has never been a white-picket-fence, happily-ever-after girl. But when tragedy strikes her sister’s carefully constructed life, Jenny must step in and help. Soon, she’s knee-deep in small-town, suburban life, the kind she’s always avoided. The more Elliot is around her, the more he wonders if short-term is really what he wants… Elliot and Jenny are about to discover that real life happens whether you want it to or not. Will they let real love happen, too?

A Family Affair: Christmas

by Mary Campisi

The town is preparing to celebrate the holidays when a snowstorm hits and threatens to ruin the festivities. But that’s not the only threat blowing into town…Pop’s son is here from California to enjoy Christmas with his father, but when he leaves, he’s taking Pop with him…or is he? Will the town give up the Godfather of Magdalena, or will they show Pop’s son that when we open our hearts, anything is possible…even second chances?

Christmas in Reunion Gap

by Mary Campisi

Nicki Gallagher doesn’t believe in Christmas, small towns, or relationships that aren’t about business. She’s a city girl with big dreams that include prestige and money—and lots of both. But when a forced sabbatical from her job lands her in Reunion Gap during the Christmas holidays, will she open her eyes and her heart to what she’s been missing? Jameson Price left city life behind to regain his focus on what really mattered in life—family and relationships. Now he’s back in Reunion Gap where the pace is slower and life is less complicated. Just the way he likes it. Until Jameson meets Nicki Gallagher. Will she make his life impossible, or will he find a way to show her how rich the simple life can be?


by Katelin Maloney

Rebecca has simple dreams. A promotion. Children. A happy marriage. But can she have it with Mitch? Though she carefully keeps secrets to guard her safety, her marriage to Mitch, a successful doctor, is brutal, and his abuse is escalating. A promotion at the bank could be the answer to her prayers, but Mitch has different plans for her life.
Ultimately, Rebecca must face her own inner demons before she can act. Will she be able to find her former, stronger self before Mitch destroys her completely?

Book Two in The Gift Saga: The continuation of Evanthia’s Gift…

In 1961, five little girls moved into a suburban neighborhood and became inseparable, lifelong friends. They called themselves the ‘Honey Hill Girls,’ named after the street on which they lived. As teenagers they shared one another’s ambitions and dreams, secrets and heartaches. Now, more than thirty years later, they remain devoted and loyal, supporting each other through triumphs and sorrows.

Evanthia’s Gift follows the life of Sophia Giannakos. In Waiting for Aegina the saga continues from the perspectives of Sophia and her friends as the story drifts back and forth in time, filling in the gaps as the women grow to adulthood.

Naive teenage ideals are later challenged by harsh realities, as each of their lives takes unexpected turns. Now nearing their fiftieth year, Sophia, Demi, Amy, Mindy and Donna stand together through life-altering obstacles while they try to regain the lighthearted optimism of their youth.

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Six short stories explore how love can heal, can hurt, can calm and comfort, or can twirl you around and set you dancing.

If you’ve ever longed for romance, walked away from a troubled relationship, struggled with a parent or child, or laughed about a date gone wrong, you’ll identify with these stories.

Here’s a preview of each story:

Story 1: Longing for Love
It’s February. Valentine’s month. Time for cupid and chocolate. But will Julia Armstrong ever find a love of her own?

Story 2: Something Special
A bridal shower confrontation between shy Brenda and her domineering mother, Adele, reveals how complicated love can be.

Story 3: Hilda’s Secret
After thirty years of marriage, both full and empty, Hilda makes a decision that will change everything.

Story 4: The Door
Julie Stevens decides to visit her father but when she reaches his apartment door, she’s not sure if she should knock or just walk in.

Story 5: Worst First
Miserable first dates are not the exclusive province of the young. My worst first took place when I was well into competent, confident middle age. And it took place in one of the most beautiful, romantic cities in America.

Story 6: Love’s Echo
Pete Bishop’s kids are college-bound. His wife just landed her first job. Is his precious family shattering or can his love hold them all together even as they pursue divergent paths?

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