Get on Board Little Children

by Victoria Randall

What if you needed a license to have a baby? In a future marked by high-tech surveillance, in which unlicensed pregnancy is a felony, Sophie faces a tough decision: should she submit to the state’s harsh demands, or face imprisonment and loss of her child to the education/labor camps, or go on the run, relying on the conductors of the revived Underground Railway. Fast-paced dystopian thriller, Get on Board Little Children takes the heroine from the drone-watched streets of Seattle to the dangerous Tijuana border, while exploring a future that may be closer than we imagine. Recipient of an AIA Seal of Excellence in independent fiction.

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The Orphan’s Secret

by RJ Francis

When a bitter evil threatens to destroy the kingdom of Arra, a nineteen-year-old farm girl, the orphan Elaina, finds her life entangled with that of the prince. Through her adventures in the royal court, Elaina learns who she truly is, what happened to her parents, and why the king himself is afraid of her. She also learns that only she can save the region from disaster.

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