The Shadow of a Dream

by Molly Lavenza

Have you ever learned a secret about yourself that could change your life forever?

When a mysterious and handsome boy showed up at my high school, all the girls wanted his attention. But who did he approach? Plain, less-than-ordinary me!

Words like changeling and dreamseer made my head spin as Declan, who claims to be my protector, tried to convince me that I’m actually a creature from the faerie realm, switched at birth with a human infant who is the true child of my parents.

Should I follow Declan’s lead to discover the truth? How can I not?

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Magical Miri

by Debra Kristi

There are the witches of the Quarter, and then there is the unwanted magickal bloodline. The family so secret, even its youngest members are unaware. That family would be mine. Now I must uncover the truth and discover my power before my family implodes. But how do I such a thing when the devil in the works might possibly be sleeping under the same roof?

In a world without magic, Thea is ordinary, but everything changes when she discovers she is a Lost Princess from a kingdom in Faerie. Now, a land Thea never knew existed expects her to become queen—but only if she can stop her villainous father who sits on her throne from releasing the Goddess of Death first. As darkness spreads across the Kingdoms of Faerie, Thea must prepare for the battle ahead by mastering the magic that runs through her veins with the help of the Fae who brought her home—a guardian sworn to protect her with his life.With proper training, Thea might able to stop her father, but saving her kingdom may cost her heart.Wings of Fate is the first book in the Kingdoms of Faerie series. The series explores a world of magic, myth, and legend through the lens of a powerful female heroine, Thea.

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