Reminiscence by Amy Marie is the first book in the Statera Saga. Nora Hutchinson’s dreams are getting eerie, almost like memories of places she’s never been before. When a mysterious man saves her, the story he tells her is beyond insane: he was born centuries ago, and has been cursed to stay in the darkness. She knows in her heart that he’s telling the truth. As history relives through the present, Nora must join the charming Darcy in an ancient quest to find a book that holds the answer to saving the world from evil.


College-bound Lexi Adams leads no ordinary life. Premonitions dictate her every move, compelling her to rescue strangers day and night. After years of self-sacrifice, she decides to ignore one, but innocent people die. So, when the next premonition depicts her own death, Lexi is faced with the decision of a lifetime. As if an ill-fated future isn’t enough to deal with, a series of strange illnesses and murders devastate her small town, and co-worker Jessica Nelson insists Lexi can help.

According to Jessica, everyone is born with an inner energy called Essence. Only a select few, Amethysts, can control Essence and heal people. Jessica claims to be an Amethyst and asks Lexi to join her and a group of her friends as they track the murderers. Despite her personal plight, Lexi considers joining them.

Then Lexi discovers secrets run deep among Jessica’s friends. Not only do they have a hidden agenda, but they also harbor extraordinary abilities. And they have connections with the Ray-pacs – the sadistic killers who are preying on human Essence. Ultimately, Lexi must decide if life, not death, equals salvation. And if so, is she willing to make certain sacrifices and join her friends in eradicating the Ray-pacs?

For fans of Twilight and A Shade of Vampire comes a new addiction impossible to put down.

What if you can’t trust your own family?

Flesh and Blood is the first book in a fun and frightening series of romantic paranormal mysteries. If you like terrifying thrills, flesh and blood characters, and vampires without the sparkle, then you’ll love Willow Rose’s tale of suburban terror.

Branded a traitor by everyone in the Night’s Hollow Coven—including Caiden—Emerson finds herself with enemies on all sides. When a dangerous secret about her is discovered, she has no choice but to leave town, putting her life in the hands of Gray and the Silver Ridge Pack. Gray and Emerson grow closer with each passing day, but in Ashwood Creek, secrets abound, each more threatening than the next. When the pack comes under attack, Emerson discovers something that could save them all from outright war, but revealing it could cost her those closest to her forever. Shattered Circle is the third novel in the young adult urban fantasy series, The Witches Circle.

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As a group home kid, Sara never expects to be part of a family, much less have a different name, meet a unicorn or wake up one day with magical powers. But that’s exactly what happens when she turns fifteen. After that, life gets a little more crazy and a lot more dangerous.
Taking her rightful place as Sapphire, the Jewel of Akasha, she and the other Children of Fire must learn to use their gifts to save other magical creatures from the evil Sons of Belial. But if they are caught, their powers won’t be the only thing they’ll lose.

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