Transcender: First-Timer

by Vicky Savage

Jaden Beckett, typical Connecticut teen, possesses an awesome power she isn’t aware of until she’s catapulted into a strange parallel version of earth and an amazing alternate existence.
The Inter-Universal Guidance Agency steps in and vows to use its considerable powers to return her home safely. The only problem is, Jaden’s got other plans. In her new life she’s a princess and heir to the throne of one of three surviving dome nations, her mother’s alive in this world, a miracle she never dreamed possible. Add to that her breathless romance with the outlaw, Ryder Blackthorn, and Jaden is determined IUGA is not going to dictate her future. The result is an epic power struggle for control of Jaden’s destiny and a tempestuous love affair that transcends both space and time.

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