Are you ready to take your life from Zero To Alpha? Are you ready to adopt the mindset of the truly “fiercely free?” Then this book is for you. Let me explain why. My name is Alex. Although I’m not terribly remarkable, I have, in fact, defeated a brutal depression and anxiety, ditched my suicidal tendencies, and repaired tons of other insecurities. How? Self-development.

Over the course of three years, I discovered countless, invaluable life lessons that I believe are universally effective. Now imagine you had access to these lessons, available to you in one simple click. This book will ensure that your mindset is ahead of most people your age. These life lessons will grant you the clarity, confidence, and calmness of mind that you need to move to the next stage in your life.

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Where Children Run

by Karen Emilson

Twelve years of abuse at the hands of a madman – twins survive beatings, slavery, and starvation on a remote farm. A breathtaking, tell-all story.

Where do secular liberals and religious conservatives stand shoulder to shoulder? In refugee resettlement.

Flying beneath the radar of much of the national media is a faith-based refugee resettlement movement that sees Americans from across the political spectrum working together. Trump and Clinton voters, pro-lifers and pro-choicers, the religious and the secular stand in solidarity on this issue. This book tells the story of a surprising piece of common ground in our nation. It profiles communities in nine states, seven of them in the Bible Belt and other red states, that are major refugee resettlement centers with huge grass-roots support.

These are people seeking to live the words of the Bible in Matthew, John, and Leviticus by helping the very refugees the Trump administration seeks to keep out of the country.

And in doing so they are reaching out to the community beyond their church doors.

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