Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you have too much to do and too little time to do it? Here’s the secret to overcoming 30 bad habits that are crippling your productivity!

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Are you having trouble coming to terms with a divorce or close relationship breakup?
Maybe you are left feeling lost, alone and insecure?
This book covers in a practical and engaging way how to implement the 5 proven keys that are critical to turning things around for you.
When you know what to do and how to see it through, you will find that your whole life will change. You will feel more confident and have hope for your future. You will be able to leave the past where it belongs, make your dreams for the future a reality, and skip around any stumbling blocks that threaten to prevent that happening.
‘Rise Again After Divorce’ is for you whether you’re feeling helpless about your divorce, want some tips to help understand more and make further improvements, or are most definitely ready to leave the past firmly where it belongs and move on in style.

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Tales from a Greek Island

by Roger Jinkinson

Often surprising, sometimes bizarre, never dull. Roger Jinkinson takes us far off
the tourist-beaten track to explore life — and death — in a small village on a remote Greek Island. Meet the people he has come to know over 25 years — at once traditional and modern, hard-bitten and generous, stoic and resourceful. Learn how they fish, keep bees, hunt goats, make music. Read about the man who tried to ransom a floating crane, about the mule that outwitted the German army and the death of a giant. Read and you will feel the very pulse of a community as it fights to maintain its unique and vibrant culture.

This book will change your life, the author teaches you how to take your break up learn and ingrain lessons that will positively impact you for the rest of your life. Everyone could benefit for this book but it is specifically for those that have been dumped and did not have a choice. Once you make the clear decision to make this the best break up of your life the transformation starts. This author is a professional sales trainer that sells you on you. Buy the book now and embrace it the world needs you healthy.

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Have you dreamed for more in life but feel stuck? Has fear been holding you back from achieving your full potential? In Catalyst, Josh McLean draws his own personal experience from overcoming a brain injury resulting from a car accident and the crippling effects of fear. You’ll get a behind the scenes look at the transformational journey that has allowed him to have an impact at some of the best-known brands including KinderCare Education and Nike.

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Twelve years of abuse at the hands of a madman – twins survive beatings, slavery, and starvation on a remote farm. A breathtaking, tell-all story.

Who influences our children more, Jesus or Santa? With a healthy dose of perspective for parents and self-help advice for people from all walks of life, use this fun book as an interactive way to jumpstart a discussion about the two Stars of Christmas, Jesus and Santa.


Do you want to…

– Learn how to deal with difficult, nasty people?
– Understand how to make challenging decisions?
– Move beyond the expectations of others?
– Change the world through your authenticity?
– Become a better leader?
– Have more peace of mind on a daily basis?
– Know the keys to achieving long-lasting success?

In The Power of Authentic Leadership: Activating the 13 Keys to Achieving Prosperity Through Authenticity, authentic leadership and prosperity expert Jeff Davis features life-changing insights from his discussions with more than 20 of the world’s most iconic authentic leaders. He directly connected with these history makers, and he’s acting as the humble conduit between you and their wisdom.

You will soon learn the keys to:

– Creating companies worth billions of dollars.
– Feeling more prosperous from a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual standpoint.
– Starting initiatives that influence tens of millions of people.
– Shattering fears, disregarding conventional thinking, and breaking the rules.
– Mastering several important skill-sets.
– Building world-class networks.
– Setting yourself free from the bondage of society, fake friends, and small-minded people.
– Mastering the tools necessary to becoming a world-renowned authentic leader.

At times, it may seem like these goals are nice to have but out of reach. That’s not the case: these skill-sets were mastered by people who are just like you, and this book will show you the practical way to the iconic success you’ve always dreamed of.

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