A friendly guide filled with simple, safe tools to help manage and heal anxiety, panic and depression as opposed to just treating them. Based on over 30 years of study, practice and experience.

Have you recently started following the Ketogenic diet and are overwhelmed
by the huge number of options on what to eat and what not to eat yet can’t
figure out which recipes to start with? I have been there and I know firsthand
how much information overload can make it hard to get started on the
Ketogenic diet.
I wouldn’t want you to go through the same trouble, which is why I wrote this
book to give you just enough options without overwhelming you.
This book has mouthwatering keto recipes that will help you get into ketosis
without having to worry about carb counting.
With the recipes in this book, you should ideally be able to follow the diet for
at least a month without having to repeat recipes too many times. All you need
to do is to prepare one recipe per day for the next 1 week or so so that you
determine which recipes best suit your palate.
From then on, you can repeat the recipes as you deem fit to sustain yourself
into ketosis.
Let’s begin.

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Are you tired of settling for a life that’s just good enough? Discover a simple guide to help recondition your mindset and unleash your full potential.
Are you overwhelmed by never-ending obstacles? Do you always put others’ needs before your own? Do you feel like you’re trapped on a road going nowhere? Bestselling author, speaker, and life strategist Jennifer Sparks has helped countless women burst through their personal barriers to follow their life’s true calling. And now she’ll help you embrace your capacity for being extraordinary.

WTF to OMG: The Frazzled Female’s Guide to Creating a Life You Love provides you with the tools you need to discover your authentic self and true purpose. Inside, you’ll discover simple strategies to identify your destructive mental blocks and reshape your thought patterns into positive forces for lasting change. Through Sparks’ methods, you’ll learn to focus your time and energy on what matters most to you so you can achieve the life of your dreams.

In WTF to OMG, you’ll discover:
How thought, feelings, and behaviors are interconnected and how to break the cycle of negativity
Simple mindset exercises to help you stay focused when you feel overwhelmed
Tools to reassess your life’s trajectory and realign your goals so you can stay on track in difficult times
A free downloadable companion journal for tracking exercises and charting progress
The priceless value of conscious awareness and clarity and much, much more!
WTF to OMG: The Frazzled Female’s Guide to Creating a Life You Love is your self-help handbook for turning your frantic lifestyle into a fulfilling adventure. If you like step-by-step guides, actionable self-improvement exercises, and turning your visions of success into reality, then you’ll love Jennifer Sparks’ fresh take on empowering female minds to dream big.

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