Hard Time: New Edition

by Shaun Attwood


“Makes the Shawshank Redemption look like a holiday camp” – NOTW

After a SWAT team smashed down stock-market millionaire Shaun Attwood’s door, he found himself inside of Arizona’s deadliest jail and locked into a brutal struggle for survival.

Shaun’s hope of living the American Dream turned into a nightmare of violence and chaos, when he had a run-in with Sammy the Bull Gravano, an Italian Mafia mass murderer.

In jail, Shaun was forced to endure cockroaches crawling in his ears at night, dead rats in the food and the sound of skulls getting cracked against toilets. He meticulously documented the conditions and smuggled out his message.

Join Shaun on a harrowing voyage into the darkest recesses of human existence.

Hard Time provides a revealing glimpse into the tragedy, brutality, dark comedy and eccentricity of prison life.

Featured worldwide on Nat Geo Channel’s Locked-Up/Banged-Up Abroad Raving Arizona.

Rapping into a hairbrush, breakdancing on the kitchen floor, carrying around the world’s smallest, quietest ghetto-blaster: in the 1980s, long before the world has heard of Eminem, how does an aspiring white teenage rapper keep going in the face of universal ridicule? Wiggaz With Attitude is a unique and hilarious account of both the author’s attempts to become Leeds’s greatest ever hip-hop star, and of hip-hop itself. A new sound that changed the way we dance, dress and talk, it gave the author’s generation a fresh perspective on the world. This is their story, told through one wannabe rapper’s rise and fall. Mostly fall.

Sale price is not available to readers in all countries.

Starting a copywriting business is a big step in your career. This career choice works well whether you want to make an income on the side or leave your regular job to strike out on your own. Many people have found success as a freelance copywriter and with so many different topics and projects to choose from, you are sure to find many projects that work to keep you interested and busy. In this guidebook, you are going to learn everything that you need to know in order to start your copywriting career as a beginner.

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“I have felt that way my entire life. I am worthless. I am a nobody.”

Author, Linda Bjork chronicles her journey from anxiety, depression, and brokenness back to wholeness and happiness, but it isn’t about her, it’s about all of us who are broken and crushed. If the process works for one, it should work for all since we’re dealing with the same issues. Although she had no hope and felt doomed to a life consisting of merely existing and enduring, I’m pleased to say that she was wrong, and it’s one of those times when being wrong is a really good thing.

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