Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired about your finances? Do you wonder why you just can’t seem to get and stay ahead? Why is money so fleeting? Even when you make more money, or tighten up on your spending, does it still seem that its not enough? Discover biblical principles in seven areas that will improve and change your perspective on money!
•Having more than enough
•Being debt free
•Investing and growing your money
•Understanding tithing
•Becoming more charitable
Renewing Your Money Mind will help you get spiritually, mentally and financially fit!

What do you do when life breaks you? Failure is an equal opportunity troubler; no one is exempt. Positive thinking and trying harder will not keep the despoilers from your door; reality catches up, and failure is harsh in a world of winners. So, if you have failed miserably, and wonder if there is a future, you picked the right book. Throughout my life, I’ve learned to face failure and find hope, purpose, and peace. This book can guide you on your path to do the same. So, if you are in a crisis, stop worrying and start reading. Strength at the Broken Places will take you on a journey to discover:
• How true change occurs
• How failure does not define us
• How authentic identity is not determined by what you do or to whom you are related
• How success comes from intention rather than effort
• How to answer the four critical questions that every person must answer

HELP! I Married a Comedian

by Carolyn V. Hamilton

There’s a fine line between comedy and cruelty, and this intimate and quirky memoir invites readers into Carolyn V. Hamilton’s tumultuous world of marriage to stand-up comedian, Cork Proctor, a Las Vegas comedy legend.

Every relationship contains a his version and her version of events, and Carolyn is clear that this is her version of her life and marriage. In this powerful memoir, she chronicles her experiences of love and world travel with her husband, balancing her career as a graphic designer and print communication professional with his comedy career.

In these vignette stories of their relationship, she reveals with honesty and wit the early years after they met at the Las Vegas Press Club, their courtship and consummation, their fund-raising wedding, their adventure in the U.S. Peace Corps, how the marriage ended, and their continued relationship after divorce, including his 80th birthday Las Vegas roast, and their move to Ecuador. At the same time, she reveals her emotional triumphs and sorrows, both public and private, as she lived them.

HELP! I Married an Alien a Comedian, includes a foreword by award-winning Las Vegas journalist and historian, John L. Smith

“Hysterically funny and touchingly human, I was fascinated at their adventures and relationship.”
Joeann Fossland

“Love Carolyn’s way of putting things into context!” Gary S. Hansen

“One talented alpha Male + One talented alpha Female = one roller coaster ride of epic proportions” – Fred “Mickey” Finn

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