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Why Are We Losing the Kids?

by Sandra Platt


As Christian women, there is probably nothing more heartbreaking than seeing our children turn from God. We spend thousands of dollars, and sacrifice countless hours to VBS, Bible clubs, Youth outings, Church camp, and children’s parties every year. We build elaborate stage sets, plan fantastic carnivals, and youth extravaganzas and bus in all the children and teens we can find in the hopes of leading them to Christ; and yet we are still losing them.

We see the grown-up children, the “fruits” of our outreaches, living as practical Atheists. They walk and talk and act like the world, even loving the world, and though they claim to be saved, evidence of life in Christ is conspicuously absent.

Even our own children are abandoning the faith. They have asked Jesus into their hearts and yet we see them turn from God at staggering rates. Statistics show that no less than half have turned from God by High School age and closer to two thirds by the time they finish college. What we’re doing is just not working!

In Why Are We Losing the Kids? You’ll see where we have gone wrong and where to go from here.

• We can turn the tide on our failing ministry efforts!
• We can share the gospel without creating false converts or backsliders!
• We can keep the kids if we’ll follow God’s plan!


Caring for an elderly parent can be extremely challenging. The role reversal involved is emotionally and intellectually demanding, and many caregivers find themselves unprepared to undertake such a difficult task.

In Trading Places: Becoming My Mother’s Mother, author Sandra Bullock Smith shares her personal experiences spending ten years caring for her ailing mother.

This heartfelt look at the trials and tribulations of that decade offers powerful insight and encouragement for anyone entering into a similar period of life. Smith’s touching stories share the heartbreaking, and sometimes comical, moments she experienced while providing assistance to her aging parent—and how they mirrored similar events from her own childhood.

In a very real sense, the two women traded places. Smith found herself uttering phrases she heard all too often as a child, such as, “Don’t give your food to the dog” and, “You’ve had enough sugar today.” Smith began jotting down the things she said, and thus this charming book was born.

Filled with respect, compassion, and love, this uplifting and amusing memoir is for anyone involved in elder care or who may face the role in the future.

Sweet Melissa Ignorance is not Bliss

by Susan Segovia-Munoz

I’m not a celebrity or a model. I’m not rich or famous. I’m a hooker, a hustler and a junkie. At 18, I left the love and security of my family for a nightmare of drug addiction and crime. Homeless and struggling on the streets of Los Angeles, there is nothing I won’t do to get my next fix.

The wisest man who ever lived left his magnum opus for the world… now uncover the secrets to stress mangement, satisfaction, and purpose in life!
A Sugary Frosting / A Memoir of A Girlhood Spent in a Parsonage and How I Survived Being a Preacher’s Kid This memoir reveals an underside of being the preacher’s kid, a public role that is rife with challenges of supporting your minister father and your minister’s-wife mother and of becoming yourself, a person they may not have expected to come out of their household. Relationships in this memoir are portrayed honestly and sometimes not flatteringly. A Sugary Frosting, a phrase derived from Martha’s journals, is a memoir of surviving religious idealism and inherited belief to undertake to become one’s self.

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Daily Disciplines

by Skip Ross

Daily Disciplines is a simple way to commit to a habit pattern of personal growth. A few minutes a day will make a world of difference in the way that you approach projects, business, relationships, parenting, studying, and life.
You could read this memoir as one adventurous Australian woman’s life, loves, losses and triumphs across seven decades and four continents, the lively story of a life fully-lived. It’s a great story, interesting, entertaining and satisfying. But I think the best thing about this book is the insights shared – the why as well as the what and how.
There is no sugar-coating. Instead, there is a depth of understanding plus absolute honesty combined with insights gained that will have you nodding in recognition. And, perhaps, thinking back on events in your own life, seeing them, and your younger self, in a new and more forgiving light. Jacqueline Elnor Johnson: Author. Living As A Woman After Cancer’. Crimson Hill.
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