All That Glitters chronicles the authors journey by revealing past decisions that created storms in her life. Through divorce and subsequently raising a blended family, evaluates self imposed burdens and the emotions that accompanied them. Through this experience she has become a living example of self forgiveness and perseverance.

Dirty Laundry recounts in vivid detail the anger, and depression of growing up in poverty, and the will to overcome even the worst of circumstances. The Author’s voice is expressed through a masterful use of syntax that reveals a soul that, while battered, is never broken. Humor often shines through the dark and sometimes tragic circumstances he has to endure.There’s also a interesting motif that follows the author through the story of presidential proportion! This creates a creative narrative autobiography unlike any other in the genre.
re you dealing with “problem” behaviors as you struggle to care for your loved one with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia? You are not alone. Are you wondering why “problem” is in quotation marks? Well, read on!
I believe that although much is lost at each stage of dementia, there is much that remains. I believe that when you see the “why” of a behavior, it ceases to be “problem” and rather becomes an opportunity for deeper connection. Did you know that almost all behaviors are because of an unmet need? I believe that by understanding this basic tenet and then using that knowledge to reframe the disease and its effects, we can better meet the needs of those we love.
The techniques you will find in this guide will help you navigate the rough days and steer you toward more graceful days. This approach to behavior management has been developed over years working with people with dementia. In these pages, you will find an approach for just about any behavior that emerges! You will come to understand HOW to manage the behavior by learning WHY certain behaviors occur and WHAT you can do to keep “problem” behaviors at a minimum. Using a proven, systematic approach to behavior management based on the acronym, G.R.A.C.E., you will you discover the meaning behind each step, and discover how extending and receiving grace can help both your loved one receiving care AND you, as a caregiver.
I will strive to explain why certain behaviors occur, and what to do about them, in a concise, easy to find way. This book is set up so that you can click on any “problem” behavior and find a solution quickly, but I encourage you to start at the beginning so that you have a broader understanding of why the behavior started in the first place. Once you understand the system in context, it will make for less emergent behaviors overall.
Jeremy Brown has returned a spiritual pursuits for the book Is There Room in the Kingdom.
In the thought provoking pages that make up this book, the story of King Solomon and his relationship to Jesus Christ is explained. King Solomon was the last of the Jewish kings to rule over a unified kingdom until the future arrival of Jesus Christ and the birth of Christianity, when all of mankind has the potential to unite.
Along with the history and the unification of humanity, the book looks into the true place of the Kingdom of Heaven, which is inside of us spiritually. By learning of the relationship between Solomon and Jesus, and of the place of heaven, we can understand the best way for us to return back to the path that will lead all souls towards the Kingdom of God.

Is There Room in the Kingdom goes to great lengths in order to establish the knowledge that is required in order to align the primary physical, spiritual, psychological, and physical needs that we deal with on a day to day base. A prayer is introduced that will allow you to find the Creator in a more personal point of view than the general religious view that many have. The prayer is taken from many major points in the bible that have been overlooked in recent years because of tradition or liturgical practice.

The contents of this book ask a question that must be answered by anyone who wishes to journey down the individual paths that were originally designed to unite us all as a people. It is simply a must read for absolutely anyone who desires to have a stronger relations with the Creator.


Does God have someone for you?

Countless numbers of people wonder if God has someone out there for them. Fears of lifelong singleness can easily creep in when we don’t have certainty about what God is promising us. The Bible gives clear direction for how to have discernment in this area.

If you are someone who desires confirmation that God has a spouse for you, these “7 signs” will be a great encouragement to you. This eBook will walk you through the Biblical process of discernment and teach you how to know if God is promising you a spouse.

For detailed discernment that you are not waiting in vain for a spouse, I strongly encourage you to get this exclusive content.

Here is what some are saying about “7 Signs that God has Someone for You”:

“This is an amazing book, filled with biblical examples, personal anecdotes, compelling reasoning, and wise and encouraging advice. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to anyone who is single, and to all the friends of single people. It can change the way you think about God and his perfect will for your life.” Dr. Jim Taylor Jr.

“Great book! Really gives insight and makes you think. Highly recommended!” Bryce Hayden

“If you have been looking and wondering if there is someone out there for you as a partner. The author of this book gives you the 7 signs you should be looking for in your quest to find that special someone.” Tari Terrell

“A fast-paced true-crime memoir with all of the action of Goodfellas” – UNILAD
“Sopranos v Sons of Anarchy with an Alaskan-snow backdrop” – True Geordie PodcastBreaking bones, burying bodies and planting bombs became second nature to Two Tonys while working for the Bonanno Crime Family, whose exploits inspired The Godfather.

After a dispute with an outlaw motorcycle club, Two Tonys left a trail of corpses from Arizona to Alaska. On the run, he was pursued by bikers and a neo-Nazi gang blood-thirsty for revenge, while a homicide detective launched a nationwide manhunt.

As the mist from his smoking gun fades, readers are left with an unexpected portrait of a stoic philosopher with a wealth of charm, a glorious turn of phrase and a fanatical devotion to his daughter.

Alien in the Delta

by Thankful Strother

“One of the Best Memoirs I have ever read.”
Thankful Strother’s story of his life experiences is moving and profound. He does a remarkable job of bringing the reader into his world. While reading his stories, I felt like I was in the room with him and he was sharing the details of all of his adventures in the south and in Europe with me. I felt every emotion as I read the book.

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