Packed inside a warehouse in Forks, Washington, were once over 120 dogs. Some of the dogs were kept in crates piled high on shelves, arranged in rows along the walls, and shoved into corners behind heaps of garbage and urine-saturated straw. Some of the dogs were confined to wire-sided or glassed-in kennels. One was kept in an old horse trailer. Dead ones were stored in a cooler. In one of the crates was a black dog named Daisy. This is her story. It is also the story of the rescue of one hundred and twenty-four dogs—and one snake—from the Olympic Animal Sanctuary, the only large-scale dog rescue in the U.S. to be carried out with no support from local government. The OAS rescue was an epic narrative that extended over several years and featured small town politics, protests, assault, lawsuits, arrests, and a midnight escape, all played out to a nationwide audience.

When Al and Sunny Lockwood register for a 12-day Mediterranean cruise, little do they
know that their trip will morph into 42 days of fascinating discoveries, quaint hotels, colorful characters, glittering memories and delicious fun. This 3-volume box set covers their amazing journey in dazzling detail.

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Genesis: Discover Your Purpose

by Seth B. Kajang

The New Series in the Motivation Bible Commentary (MBC) is devotional in nature. This means that while the biblical texts are studied in the original languages (Hebrew and Greek), the devotional nature of these commentaries helps the reader to understand and apply the Scripture in practical, meaningful ways without having to worry so much about complex theological issues.

Excerpts from the Introduction

The book of Genesis is the book of discovery. Without the book of Genesis, we would not know anything about the origins of our world. Evolutionism and the Big Bang theory are inadequate to explain how the world came into being and the many complexities of the universe; the world, therefore, must be understood from the perspective of the Creator, the sovereign Lord over all things….

As you study this book, there are two important things you need constantly to keep in mind. First, the primary focus is theocentric; that is, God is the major character in the plot of the story of Genesis. He is actively involved in the world He created. He cares about the world, specifically the human race, and He is in charge of everything that takes place in His created universe. Second, there is an anthropomorphic focus; that is, humanity is the centerpiece of God’s creation. The story of Genesis is not only about God but also about humans—the people He created in the image and likeness of His divine essence. Humans respond to God in different ways and God keeps pursuing them to bring them into fellowship with Himself. Keep these two emphases in mind as you navigate the pages of this book, because every lesson revolves around God being the major character and human beings the secondary characters.

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