Are you Absolutely Sure You Will go to Heaven When You Die? What is your Destiny?

Debby Sibert brings the reader on a candid journey to seek out such answers as:
◆ What is your destiny?
◆ What will happen to you when you die?
◆ Do you know for certain where you’re headed?
◆ Do you even know how serious that question is?

If you are a Christ follower, you won’t find a better ministry tool to share the truth of the gospel with those you care about.

Does your life experience line up with what you know to be what God offers through the Bible, or do you sometimes feel lethargic and distant from God? Too often, we settle for far less than what God wants to do in and through us. Debby Sibert walks the reader through the answers to many questions that plague Christ-followers who feel like there must be more to the Christian life than they are experiencing.

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