Dirty Laundry recounts in vivid detail the anger, and depression of growing up in poverty, and the will to overcome even the worst of circumstances. The Author’s voice is expressed through a masterful use of syntax that reveals a soul that, while battered, is never broken. Humor often shines through the dark and sometimes tragic circumstances he has to endure.There’s also a interesting motif that follows the author through the story of presidential proportion! This creates a creative narrative autobiography unlike any other in the genre.
“A fast-paced true-crime memoir with all of the action of Goodfellas” – UNILAD
“Sopranos v Sons of Anarchy with an Alaskan-snow backdrop” – True Geordie PodcastBreaking bones, burying bodies and planting bombs became second nature to Two Tonys while working for the Bonanno Crime Family, whose exploits inspired The Godfather.

After a dispute with an outlaw motorcycle club, Two Tonys left a trail of corpses from Arizona to Alaska. On the run, he was pursued by bikers and a neo-Nazi gang blood-thirsty for revenge, while a homicide detective launched a nationwide manhunt.

As the mist from his smoking gun fades, readers are left with an unexpected portrait of a stoic philosopher with a wealth of charm, a glorious turn of phrase and a fanatical devotion to his daughter.

Alien in the Delta

by Thankful Strother

“One of the Best Memoirs I have ever read.”
Thankful Strother’s story of his life experiences is moving and profound. He does a remarkable job of bringing the reader into his world. While reading his stories, I felt like I was in the room with him and he was sharing the details of all of his adventures in the south and in Europe with me. I felt every emotion as I read the book.

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