Alien in the Delta

by Thankful Strother


An authentic story of determination, wit and optimism! The personal success story of Thankful Strother is an excellent memoir filled with self-help and life lesson. Several examples of failures that most people would have just given up on; Thankful’s hard work and perseverance taught him how to overcome obstacles leading to a productive life.

Alien in the Delta by Thankful Strother is a memoir of notable events and observations from the author’s life. It is a short, yet entertaining book which gives readers a glimpse into a particular period of American history.

Alien in the Delta is the story of an African American poor boy living in the 60’s segregated rural south. The short stories are humorous and compelling about early childhood, a stint in the US Air Force, an interracial, international marriage, real estate investor and successful executive.

Thankful Strother shares a series of memorable events throughout his lifetime. Some of them feature well-known events, such as his reaction to JFK’s assassination, while others are personal memories. The stories run the gamut from early home life to the first kiss, from a stint in the US Air Force to the purchase of income property. The combination of facts and the author’s thoughts and feelings make for exciting reading. Several personal photos are scattered throughout the book.

The book is memorable, simple, direct and straightforward. It is a natural read with a lot of humor an insight. A story of determination it was fantastic and exciting to read.

Alien in the Delta is a feel good and must read book!

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