Luckily, dental cavities are preventable and your kid can grow up CAVITY-FREE!

This must-have resource guide, packed with information and photos will equip you with the knowledge and tools to provide the best oral healthcare at every stage of your child’s development while instilling a lifetime commitment to taking care of their teeth.

As a mother of three and a board-certified pediatric dentist, serving 1000’s of patients for two decades, Dr. Laila Hishaw, affectionately known as The Mommy Dentist, knows both the science behind a healthy smile and understands the struggles of getting her own children to brush their teeth correctly. Dr. Hishaw’s clinical expertise and compassionate care have gained her recognition as Tucson’s Top Dentist™. She was also recognized on Mystery Diagnosis on Discovery Health Channel for her role in diagnosing a rare neurological disorder in one of her young patients.

A portion of the proceeds from the book will go to Diversity in Dentistry Mentorships.

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