Flying Escapades

by Geof Woodford

This book highlights flying experiences that the author has had and those of others that he met on my journey that illustrate this. The stories range from an aircraft getting blown off the runway in North Carolina to a Learjet descending through a snow storm in northern British Columbia, Canada with a flight crew ignoring the minimum altitude required.
Another story deals with a tragic crash on a stormy night with a Learjet 35 doing a Medivac mission to an island off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. At night and in bad weather, why did the pilots make a simple mistake that cost them and the three nurses on board their lives? Then there is the situation with a high time JAARS pilot who does the unimaginable in a Helio Courier at a small airport in northern Alberta, scaring the pants off the young gas jockey. Some stories tragic, some hair-raising and some hilarious, all keep the reader riveted to the pages.

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