Are you Absolutely Sure You Will go to Heaven When You Die?
What is your Destiny? Do You Have Any Idea If You Are Headed to Hell?

We live in a busy world, don’t we? Do you find yourself living just in the present? Do you ever think much about or plan for the future—not just retirement, but beyond the grave?
Debby Sibert brings the reader on a candid journey to seek out such answers as:

◆ What is your destiny?
◆ What will happen to you when you die?
◆ Do you know for certain where you’re headed?
◆ Do you even know how serious that question is?
◆ Have you ever thought about how long FOREVER is? It’s a long time for regret. That’s what it is.
The Bible tells us that once we die, our body decays, but our spirit lives on forever. So it’s essential to know where your soul will spend eternity.

That’s what this book is all about. You can positively know you will go to heaven; but not everyone gets to go there. BELIEVERS – THIS IS A GREAT MINISTRY TOOL FOR SHARING

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