Love You, My Dear

by Markovka

Kid’s first story about the never-ending love between mom and a child. Meet adorable bird families and enjoy a sweet poetic tale that’s perfect for reading as a bedtime story!
Your children will be ready for sleep and know that they are loved and cherished when you read this bedtime story to them. This book provides a sweet message to share with your kids to let them know that they are special and loved.
A carefully illustrated adventure story with seek-and-find activities will help your children explore the world in a fun way.
Let Kids Learn and Have Fun!
• This educational book for kids is filled with amazing seek-and-find activities.
• This activity picture book for kids ages 2-5 will keep them become interested in learning about plants, fruits, insects, animals, and so much more, while making sure they stay immersed and gazing at the gorgeous illustrations.
• Children will be able to visit the forest and the garden, learn about the rain and

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