The World Keepers

by Ty the Hunter

I went snooping in my brother‘s room, tripped and fell in his mess, and now I‘m trapped in Roblox.

My name is Jed, I‘m 10-years-old, and the ONLY thing I want to do is figure out why Thomas (my older brother) is acting so weird. I figured I‘d check out his room while he was sleeping and see what I could find.

Big mistake.

I‘m in the game, thrust into a world full of prisoners trying to break free, and pursued by guards who aren‘t acting like this is a game at all. They’re hunting me, and if they catch me, they’ve got plans that don‘t involve me ever going home again.

The sun is setting, night is coming, and I‘m on the run for my life.

I’ve got to get out before night falls, otherwise the portal closes and I‘m trapped, forever.

The adventure starts as soon as you open the book.

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