Would You Rather Book For Kids

by Johnny B. Good

Perfect Would You Rather Questions for Keeping Kids Engaged and Informed!
Laugh and learn with 160+ questions designed to make kids giggle and think.
The Would You Rather game is a fun and easy little game for children of all ages to play. It keeps them entertained while challenging their brain a bit to get them thinking.
This is a fun and simple way to keep your children informed and engaged with hours of family-friendly humor.
‘Would You Rather Book For Kids’ includes:
Learning through play. Creative content that will help Kids in exercising their brains with these either/or scenarios.
Engaging and conversations starting questions. 160+ original and clever “would you rather” questions (2 per page).
Perfect for every situation, road trips, park, restaurants, and dinner conversations.
A variety of scenarios such as ridiculous and hilarious, exciting and daydream-worthy, thought-provoking and much more!
Lots of laughs! Guaranteed to provide hours of fun for the whole family.
No winners and no losers, just fun!
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