An Exaltation of Larks

by Suanne Laqueur

The paths of a married couple and a male escort cross in Suanne Laqueur’s new novel about the price of love. Alex Penda fled the Chilean coup of 1973 and arrived alone in America, where he was fostered by the Lark family. His wife, Valerie Lark, has been fiercely protective of Alex her entire life, sheltering his emotional scars from the world. Javier Landes was thrown out of his house as a teenager, and began selling himself to survive. Alex, Val and Jav meet first in their twenties, with a sudden attraction each finds strange and compelling. They meet again in their forties and discover their physical connection is still strong and their life experiences are oddly similar. Across three decades and two continents, Laqueur explores the unpredictability of sexual attraction, how friendships are forged, how family ties are torn and mended, and how love’s downfall can turn to exaltation.

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