From One Place to Another

by Carol White

Dina and Mark Marshall, a struggling young couple, live at Boca Forest Country Club where they try to keep up with wealthier residents. Mark, a financial planner, regularly invites club members to partake in Dina’s gourmet dinners in an attempt to further his business that affords them a luxurious Florida lifestyle. When Mark leaves Dina wife for a rich hot young blonde and they take off for Key West, Dina finds little solace in her “friendships.” Instead, she trumps her initial self-doubt and turns her kitchen skills and obsessive list-making tendency into a flourishing home-catering business. Intent on keeping her head above water and winning back her husband, Dina encounters a dashing young fellow chef, Dex Ryder. Now everyone’s talking, and not just about her cooking. Dina’s life is definitely on the upswing until it all comes crashing down. Laugh, cry and cook with Dina as she discovers her authentic self, and decides where and with whom her future lies.

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