Gichi Manidoo


40 year-old Federico Garcia is an Afghan vet who has seen more than enough tragedy for one lifetime. His dreams and memories of his bloody past haunt him, and leave an empty space in his heart. When he meets Marie, a young woman trapped in an abusive marriage, they forge an unlikely friendship that blossoms into the promise of something more…

Until Marie is mysteriously injured in a fall down the stairs, and finds herself in a coma.

Federico begins his own investigation into the life of his beloved friend, and uncovers secrets about Marie’s personal life that she never wanted revealed. But his discoveries have only begun.

Marie would like him to meet someone—the strange and magical Elizabeth —who has a story for Federico to hear.

Magical, lyrically rendered, and sparkling with childlike wonder, “Gichi-manidoo” is a captivating tale of magical realism and love against all odds.

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