Red and Wolf: A Spirited Retelling of a Grimms’ Classic

by Hannah Chong

Little Red meets the Wolf in the Lost Forest. She is as good as dead— however the Wolf strangely lets her go on with her peculiar journey. An errand to deliver pie through the dark woods that hold countless enigmatic secrets. But what if there is no grandmother to deliver her pie to? What if the Village has an ulterior motive for sending her into the Forest?

Take off on a journey with Red involving a knife, a painting, and some dandelion seeds, uncover mysteries that have been buried under decades of illusion and ignorance, and discover where the untold truth really lies.
Danger lies within the Lost Forest.
But perhaps a more sinister one lies beyond.

First narrative by the author Hannah Chong, this novelette delicately juggles the topics of fear, choice, and true courage, through a beautifully interwoven retelling of the classic fairy tale, with startling twists and turns that is sure to bring every reader gasps, tears, and genuine smiles of relief.

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