The Leprechaun Wars

by Wes Snowden

Set in the aftermath of the great Leprechaun Wars of 1845, Snowden masterfully combines vivid characterization and a fantastic worldbuilding in this gripping fantasy.

After his father’s brutal death at the hands of the ruthless King ortho, Gwydion, the young heir to the clan, escapes and finds refuge in the Isle of Darkness, and eventually in the alternate world of humans. But he must return to the Emerald Isle and avenge his father’s death.

Gwydion’s quest of seeking revenge through a dangerous landscape is filled with action and intrigue, making it as bloody and suspenseful as the epic fantasy fans usually expect. Snowden describes his alternate fantasy worlds in crisp, elegant prose, and the plot threads of romance and political intrigue keep the readers thoroughly invested.

With its thrilling action, layered narrative, and verbose imagery, the book makes for a highly engrossing read.

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