by R. J. Price

Aren has a secret, one she has kept hidden from her family, one which is the reason she begged and pleaded to be finished at court like so many other young ladies. Her parents agree to send her, so long as when she returns she accepts her father’s choice of a man.

She agrees, but she’s never going back.

Residing in court is dangerous. Ranks—those of exceptional ability and use—gather at the court to put their talents to use for the betterment of all people, and are constantly on the lookout for those who might harbour secrets. If Aren is discovered, it would surely mean the end of her, but if she can make it through, find the perfect time to escape, she would finally be free.

Av is one such rank, a warrior with decades of experience, who is fed up with the reign of his brother’s mate. The woman holds control over a powerful and ancient magic, making her the ruler of the land.

All Aren had to do was stay out of Av’s way, to go unnoticed by the man.

And all Av has ever wanted was a woman determined to make her way in the world despite all odds.

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