Balls of Leather and Steel: A World War II Thriller (The Spider Trilogy Book 1)

by Guy Butler


In the tradition of bestselling author Jack Higgins, this World War II thriller pulls you into the action with men risking it all to fight the Nazis. Malcolm McLain, a famous Irish professional soccer player, is flying as a navigator with the Royal Air Force when his plane is shot down over Yugoslavia. Taken prisoner by the Nazis, Malky discovers he’s about to be Adolf Hitler’s pawn in a propaganda campaign claiming he’s turned traitor and is now a Nazi.

Polish resistance fighter Chez Orlowski is clever, relentless and utterly audacious in his crusade to wreak havoc and terrorize the Nazis occupying his country. Chez—a hero to the Polish people and a figure of terror to the enemy—is known as The Spider. When the Yugoslavian Partizani learns of Hitler’s plans for McClain, they vow to wreck them. Only The Spider has the daring to extract McClain from Stalag 306 and spirit him to safety. Can he be persuaded to use his special talents for a very dangerous mission?

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