The Gilded Lily

by Deborah Swift


‘makes you feel as if you’re in Restoration London alongside the two lead characters of this excellent historical novel. Highly recommended.” –The Bookbag

Sadie Appleby is an innocent who has never left her village home. But one night she is rudely awoken by her older and bolder sister, Ella, who has robbed her employer and is on the run.

Determined to stick together, the sisters flee the scene of the crime for London, hoping to lose themselves in the tangle of dark alleyways – the ‘rookeries’ that make up Restoration London.

Ella is seduced by the glitter and glamour of city life and sets her sights on flamboyant man-about-town, Jay Whitgift, owner of a beauty shop for wives of the London gentry. But nothing in the capital is what it seems, least of all Jay Whitgift.

When Ella rises in society and Sadie falls, Ella is determined to leave the heartbroken Sadie behind. But Ella needs Sadie, for the Law is on their trail, and soon the sisters are facing a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

But when the hangman finally threatens, and those they trust most betray them, will blood be thicker than water?

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