When Courage Comes

by Paul M. Fleming

Huntsville, Texas – 1943. Stephan, a German army conscript, is imprisoned in one of the first POW camps hastily built in America. The hostile community opposes the enemy on American soil, but Stephan’s greatest threat lurks inside the camp, where Nazis demand his loyalty to a cause he despises. Stephan arrives in Huntsville after his surrender in North Africa where he saves the life of his American interrogator Capt. Ralph Bauer. They part ways, with a shaken Ralph discovering a family heirloom that belongs to the prisoner. Obsessed with finding Stephan and returning the keepsake puts Ralph on a collision course for Huntsville, where Ralph’s sister lives. Passion for a prisoner is the last thing on Rose Bauer’s mind when Stephan is assigned to work on her family’s cotton farm. They soon risk the unthinkable in this tense and moving story about a part of World War II few have discovered.

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