Zombie Bigfoot

by Nick Sullivan

The truth is out there… and it will eat your face.
Primatologist Dr. Sarah Bishop and survival show host Russ Cloud join an eccentric billionaire’s quest to capture a Bigfoot. There’s something in the woods… but it’s not what they’re expecting.
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“The story has everything that I loved about the creature features I used to watch.”—Horror Maiden
“Incredibly dynamic. Sullivan put a lot of thought into every twist and turn.”—AudioBook Reviewer
“Fantastic story telling from a very gifted writer.”— Wayne Stinnett, bestselling author of the “Fallen” series.
“This book was hysterical.” — Will Read for Booze
“What it promises with that shadowy cover and its campy title is creature feature fun and it delivers that in spades!” — Char’s Horror Corner
“A fun, action-packed, unique, and clever story—there were times I laughed out loud, times I was in shocked, and times I nearly cried. — Quella Reviews

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