Wild Magic (The Veil Chronicles Book 1)

by May Dawney

The magical barrier known as the Veil is all that stands between our reality and the Otherworld. Those with the gift of magic can pull energy through it to perform miraculous feats of power. The Inquisitio opposes these mages, who have organized themselves within the Society for Psychical Defense. The world of magic is shaken by the awakening of a wild mage, a woman capable of manipulating the Veil itself. She has the power to either eradicate the Inquisitio or rob the mages of their abilities. Only one side can win and it will be the side that gets to the wild mage first.
This book is for anyone who loves:
Fast-paced Paranormal Romance
A Unique Magic System
Magic-Meets-Science Stories
Action Adventure Stories
Exciting stories with Strong Female Lead Characters

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