Scars, Scribbles, and the Power of Crayons

by Lara Lazenby


This debut novel reveals the power of faith to be healed in the face of grief, loss, and death.

Scars, Scribbles, and the Power of Crayons tells the story of a mother and daughter desperate to escape their grief and a child’s fight to survive in the face of death.

California 1974.
Powerful, Poignant, Profound
For a mother and child in crisis, the ultimate test of survival.

I want something before I die. I even made a deal with God. The only thing getting in my way is cancer.

Lexi, a mischievous seven-year-old, doesn’t mind dying as long as she can be baptized first. Lexi believes in superpowers, secret passageways, magic, and miracles—and has even made a deal with God. The only thing getting in her way is Hodgkin’s stage IIIB cancer.

Every Friday, Lexi fights monsters and bloodsuckers (doctors and nurses) in the dungeon (the hospital.) She has epic arguments with Death—a character whose shadow loves to whisper, haunt and tease her. Lexi has watched cancer patients younger than herself disappear week after week but she is “hell-bent” on winning this battle with the enemy.

The sudden death of a sick friend is too much for Lexi and her mother. To escape these horrors, they leave town in a little blue Pinto en route to Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona and the Grand Canyon. Lexi discovers the Pueblo Indians and Mother Earth’s red rocks know more about scars and healing than she does.

Still, Death haunts her. Lexi has a big imagination filled with dreams but she knows that Death has other plans. In a moment of peace after her baptism, Lexi whispers to her mother, “It’s okay Mommie. I can die now.” But soon after the words are spoken, she changes her mind. Lexi wants to live. And from that point onwards, the real fight begins.

Told in her own words, Scars, Scribbles and the Power of Crayons takes us on Lexi’s spiritual journey as she fights Death in the only ways a child knows how.

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