A Reason to Kill

by Donna Cummins

Frank Kinkaid is every woman’s dream-come-true—handsome, powerful, sophisticated, and very rich—that is, until he becomes her worst nightmare. For under this charismatic facade lies a man obsessed by the need to control, a man who regards women as objects to possess, to exploit, and to use to his own advantage, a man driven by heartless cruelty. For the magnetic Kinkaid armed with shrewdness and charm, money and women seem easy to come by. But will one of these women, drawn in by fate, ultimately prove to be his demise? Perhaps the exquisitely beautiful Laura O’Malley who offers her unconditional love? Or how about Annie Ross, the vulnerable, naïve college girl ill-equipped to deal with the likes of Kinkaid? Or maybe Samantha Jessup, the tough-minded, uncompromising businesswoman who grew up the hard way? On a dark and turbulent summer night in the wake of a violent storm brought in on a hot westerly wind, Kinkaid will meet his destiny. The question is, Who will become his executioner?

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