Green Zone Jack

by I. James Bertolina

Just back from a deep cover assignment and looking forward to a vacation, US Diplomatic Security Service special agent Payton Ladd gets an urgent request to lead a manhunt in Baghdad. Civilian auditor Ben Ater, nephew of a powerful senator, has disappeared, and the Resident Security Officer needs Payton to find him.

The fact that the RSO is Payton’s old flame makes it hard for him to say no.

Once in Baghdad, Payton retraces Ben’s steps. All his sources say Ater was dealing drugs, but that doesn’t explain why Ater was found in the Red Zone, a place he had no business—legal or illegal—being. And when Payton’s sources start turning up dead, he realizes the mystery may go all the way to the top.

With the help of embassy guard Marines, a team of special operators, DSS bomb specialists, Bedouin tribesmen, and a homemade drone named Angel, Payton uncovers a web of conspiracy that could topple nations. But can they stop it in time?

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