by Carolyn V. Hamilton

The search is on for six million dollars hidden in a Las Vegas hotel destined for destruction! Time is running out.

With the pending implosion of the grand old Las Vegas hotel/casino, the Desert Palace, an eleven-year-old mystery of stolen money remains unsolved.

Newspaper reporter Nedra Dean feels the pressure to use every means she can to make this dramatic moment in Las Vegas history her biggest scoop, one she hopes will catapult her to big-time journalism at CNN.

Celebrity maitre d’ Eduardo only wants to reconcile his estranged family before his forced retirement.

Hotel/casino manager John Cusamano schemes to find the money and run away with the love of his life, his boss’s wife.

Elvis impersonator Hector Deatle and star showgirl Candy Bybee are also hot on the trail of the stolen millions.

No one seems to care that the money is rumored to be cursed–everyone who has touched it has died a horrible death. Now cocktail waitress Linda Mayo’s nine-year-old daughter–after secretly finding the money–suffers from a terminal, flesh-eating disease.

And somewhere within the walls of the Desert Palace is hidden that six million dollars, which owner “Crazy” Foxy Craig will do anything to find before the walls come tumbling down.

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