Nuclear Blues

by Bradley K.


Burnt-out journalist Heck Davis has switched to a new career as a blues musician, but seeing his reporter pal gunned down at the 38th parallel drives him back into the fray. Dodging attempts on his own life, the bourbon-drinking, Bible-quoting, black-talking son of a white Mississippian father and Korean mother searches for answers in Kim Jong-un’s North Korea. What he finds in that heart of darkness is an apocalyptic conspiracy.

Beautifully written, riveting in subject matter and plot and so timely it’s positively eerie, Nuclear Blues will appeal to lovers of conspiracy, espionage, political and financial thrillers as well as to fans of action & adventure, international mystery & crime and literary fiction. With its factual background (the author wrote the leading comprehensive history of North Korea), it will appeal to readers of current history looking for a fascinating and plausible answer to the question of how the current crisis may play out. Adam Johnson, author of The Orphan Master’s Son, calls it “an epic thriller from the man who wrote the book on North Korea.”

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