Political Dirty Trick

by James R. Callan

Midwest Book Review Senior Reviewer, D. Donovan said, “Political Dirty Trick is powerful in its characterization, plot, and narrative interactions…”

Crystal Moore’s close friend Ron Drake is a shoo-in to win the governor’s race. Two workers in his opponent’s camp think that can be changed. A little dirty trick might swing votes away from Drake. But when no questionable activities by Drake can be found, the two workers create one. And what starts out as a move to swing some voters, ends up with murders.

The pair steals a valuable painting from Drake, and puts it in a storage unit they rented under Drake’s name. But in the course of the theft, a man is killed in Drake’s home. There is no evidence against Drake, but fake news is leaked from the D.A.’s office to the media.

The effect is swift. Drake’s numbers in the polls plummet.

Crystal vows to find who stole the painting, who rented the storage under Drake’s name, who killed the man in Drake’s home, and who is leaking information to the media. As she begins to dig for clues, attacks are made on her life. Are the murders and art theft linked to the election?

On election day, Drake comes in second. But the election isn’t over yet, nor the attacks on Crystal. Will Drake win or be defeated by a political dirty trick? More important, will Crystal manage to stay alive?

Suspense and thriller author William Doonan said, “It reads like a fast-paced James Patterson cliffhanger.”

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