Rain of Terror

by Donna Cummins

When terror strikes the sleepy mountain community of Blacklick Valley, tucked into the dark forests of western Pennsylvania, with the mysterious disappearance of its children and a young mother is murdered, Sheriff Jed Tyler launches a dauntless search for the madman who threatens his Valley. In his quest, will he find an answer to the personal torment that plagues his days and haunts his nights—the answer to a dark secret hidden deep in his past? And why do the turbulent thunderstorms in these Pennsylvania mountains ignite a fury in the mind of the killer that fuels his madness? When newcomer Jenny McConnell stumbles into Tyler’s life, will she capture his free-spirited heart or plunge him into greater danger? From fear-ridden Blacklick Valley to an evil, sadistic cult in the distant Sierra Nevada’s, Tyler is swept across the country in his relentless determination to learn the fate of the kidnapped children as well as find resolution to the black abyss in his own soul.

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