by Jo Ho

Meet me, Chase Ryder. I’ve been living on the streets for eight months now. It wasn’t easy but was still preferable to what I experienced at home. While I was out dumpster diving one day, I stumbled upon this mangy dog being attacked. It wasn’t a big deal to help him but then he ended up saving my life which is when I realized there was something special about him: Muttface wasn’t a normal dog – he was crazy intelligent. I’m talking Mensa levels. And he wasn’t an accident either having recently escaped from a mysterious lab.

We were just getting to know each other when things took a bloody turn. The vet, Sully, a troubled guy who had recently lost his wife to cancer, did what he could and I guess that would’ve been the end of our story if we hadn’t been attacked by a gang of mercenaries who destroyed Sully’s clinic and seemed intent on doing the same to us.

So now here we were, the three of us, on the run against an all-powerful enemy. Who were they and what did they want with us?

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