Writer, Seeker, Killer

by Ryan Starbloak

“New Orleans; our lady of perpetual sirens.”

Hinanya Ven has but one interest in this life, and that is death. This great question has enveloped her into a deranged obsession, a need for transcendence in proximity to grand suffering. The search takes her back to her childhood home of New Orleans, where she returns after a six year absence following her family’s permanent retreat from the city in the unanticipated catastrophe of Hurricane Katrina.

On her own there for the first time, Hinanya inquires into whether or not there is a metaphysical substructure to the universe we all perceive. In the course of her journey, she, through inexplicable and violent circumstances, appropriates the pistol identical to the make, model, and serial number her friend had used to commit suicide several months prior to her arrival in New Orleans. The weight of the mystery augments her desire to part from her body… to have an out-of-body experience.

The suicidal girl’s path takes her from becoming a writer, a graffiti artist in the glittering menace of the New Orleans nightscape to search for a secretive substance which may settle her ceaseless curiosity. From there, she uncovers a jarring conspiracy which inextricably undermines her being into that brutal principle of the natural world: kill or be killed.

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