Mail Order Bride: A Baby for the Heartsick Widower


This is a sweet, clean, mail order bride, historical western romance by YOUR favorite Amazon Best Selling Author Faith Johnson.

Widowed with a young child and deeply in debt, Sally Jones has no choice but to seek a new life out West, and Davis Carter seems like the right man to start over with. His letters say he is God-fearing man with a young son, and she tells him that she can provide them with the woman’s touch their home is missing. But what she doesn’t tell them is that she is traveling to their home with her daughter, Katie—and she has no idea if Davis will accept them.

Seeking a teacher and mother for his son, Davis is not looking for love, but only for a woman’s touch to help bring some structure back into their lives. His son’s upbringing is important to him, so when Sally meets him with her own daughter—a daughter she neglected to mention in her letters—he is furious. How can she give his son the attention he needs, when she will be busy with her own child?

But sometimes, anger is simply an expression of fear—the fear of losing a loved one once again.

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