Tackled and Pinned Hard

by Ellie Danes

Men fear me. Woman adore me.
Pinned hard, I have them begging for the release.
Now there’s one knockout I can’t seem to land, no matter how hard I try.
I could put her on her back in seconds flat, legs in the air and she’d have a smile on her face, begging for more, but I have to stay away or else.Zoey Marous. She has all of the moves, the ambition, the smarts and is drop dead gorgeous.

The problem is, I’m at the top of my career and super sports agent Tristan Thorne seems to think he can land me a million dollars and the fight of my life.

The catch? Stay out of trouble and away from women, especially Zoey.

The one girl that could wreck my career and my heart.

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