The Billionaire’s Intern

by abby wilkes

She’s a delicious taboo. My intern. Off limits.
But she wants me to be her first. And who am I to say No?

Young Miss Lacey is the most talented intern this agency has ever seen, and she’s playing a dangerous game: Making eyes at me, her boss, just days before her work with us comes to an end.
One risky encounter at the office should be enough to tell me that this is a bad idea. She’s too young, too inexperienced, too taboo.
But she’s also too alluring to resist.
And one night with her will never be enough…

I’m not that kind of girl. The kind of girl who makes eyes at her boss, who puts her reputation at risk in a world that’s tough to succeed in to begin with.
But Mr. Cooper is more than just my boss. He’s handsome, smart, confident and… dominant. He knows what he’s doing and he could teach me more than any of the silly boys back at college.
One night. That is what we agree upon.
But what if I want more?

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