The Taste of His Boss

by M. L. Patterson

Would you gamble with your marriage for a taste of forbidden fruit? Jessica might.

“It was steamy, hot, and kinky all at the same time. The only thing I don’t feel good about it is that I need more of this.”
– The Binge Reader, Instagram Book Reviewer

Ron climbed the corporate ladder for years and nearly reached his dream job until a young, savvy adonis snatched it from him. Austin captured the CEO’s attention, despite a lack of experience, and became Ron’s boss, but his threats on Ron’s territory haven’t stopped there.

Jessica, Ron’s vivacious wife, is bored in her marriage, and Ron’s charming supervisor looks like just the sort of trouble to spice up her life!

Will flirtation turn into a more dangerous game?

What will happen if the growing chemistry between Jessica and Austin explodes?

This is the first story in an erotic fictional series about temptation, cheating, heartbreak, and healing. Join me on this BDSM anthology adventure into adultery, cuckold sex, bondage, and dominance/submission switching for a married couple whose erotic flames had cooled.

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