by Marie Battaglia

A Thriller family saga that begins in 1800. The second book of the (CAMILA FAMILY SAGA SERIES Book 2. ENGLISH VERSION)
“A beautiful woman who overcame the terrible tragedies that occurred
in her family and succeeded on her own. Now she’s going to face
awful secrets kept in the Chateau of the Cooper family in London, where she lives with Milton, her greatest love.

“They left the city for a desolate road that at night gave it a gloomy appearance. The only light was that of the car, it was cloudy and no star or moon could be seen.
After a while, they could see from afar the light of a lamp dimly illuminating an enormous building.
Camila watched from the window of the car, as they approached a place full of pines; the driver stopped for a moment and went down to open a huge iron fence. They passed through a large garden with flowers and trees.
In the background, she saw a majestic old castle or chateau that looked like it had been taken from a fairy tale.”

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