Chosen by the Vampire King

by Jasmine Wylder

An aspiring opera singer is in the clutches of losing her voice when she meets the world’s most lauded baritone, a man whose biting charm might be just what she needs to make all her melodic dreams come true. Eva St. Marie graduated as the most promising young singer from Julliard, but all that seems all for naught when her voice mysteriously starts to disappear. The best doctors in the field don’t know what to make of her voice but a run in with the world’s most alluring and prestigious baritone seems to magically transform her voice back to its full strength. Ambrose Leroy is a man of secrets and shadows. With the appreciation and praise of the world at his feet and a last name that means “The King” it is no wonder that the handsome man seems to attract female attention everywhere he goes. But Ambroses attention is caught when he meets the budding Eva, a woman on the either the verge of greatness or edge despair, but will her beauty and voice be enough to hold and keep his attention?

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