Pacific Northwest Bears: Volume 1 Collection

by Moxie North

The Rochon brothers proudly run a timber company in the Pacific Northwest. A business that is also the shelter for their family of bear shifters.

Cage, Wyatt, and Conner have spent over four decades searching for The One. Their one true mate. Cage and Wyatt stumble upon their mates close to home and to their surprise, they are human. Conner’s mate is a fellow shifter, but their path to happiness is a rocky road.

Before they can settle into a life of love and cubs, they must face the challenges to their happily ever afters. An unseen force is sabotaging their business and endangering, not only their secret as shifters, but the lives of their loved ones too.

Finding love and fighting for the safety of their family will keep these men busy for decades to come.

Pacific Northwest Bears: Volume 1 includes:
Book 1 – Bearly Cooking
Book 2 – Bear in Mind
Book 3 – Bear With Me

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