Protected by the Billioanaire Bear

by Jasmine Wylder

Being the only witness to a grizzly murder, Jo will have to seek protection from the sizzling hot company’s owner if she wants to stay above ground.
Josephine “Jo” Wentlandt is a ferocious blue-eyed curvy environmentalist. While protesting the business deal that threatens her home state, Jo unexpectedly becomes the only witness to a murder. As she runs deep into the forest to get away from the murderer she unexpectedly comes upon the one man who can actually offer her real protection.
Clayton Porter is a reclusive billionaire tucked away in the Montana backcountry, but the sought after man is more than what he seems. With a wild secret he doesn’t share with anyone and a serious aversion to intimacy, he is distressed to find a disheveled woman with searing blue eyes and thick curves standing at his doorstep in need of help.

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